Today, December 29th, we’re experiencing the last Full Moon of 2020. This lunation is in the zodiac sign of Cancer, the cardinal water sign and ultimate mother archetype.

Cancer people know what’s wrong before you even tell them. You don’t have to say anything...they just know. Maybe it came to them in a dream or a telepathic download. Or maybe they had a conversation with your mother! However they found out, “knowing” is one of their superpowers. Empathic to their core, much of the magic that defines Cancer is not seen, but rather viscerally felt.

This Full Moon in Cancer, the final one of the entire year, is similar in that you don’t necessarily have to “name” what you want to let go of as we head into 2021. Subconsciously or otherwise, you already KNOW and your body will work to release it over the coming days, specifically through your emotions.

If you feel the urge to cry, CRY! If you need a nap, NAP! Now more than ever, trust your instincts and your inner knowing. Your intuition is extremely powerful right now (and always!).

These last couple days before the new year are about releasing and resting at home, surrounded by loved ones if you’re lucky, and making peace with both the blessings and the challenges that defined this intense year.

Who did you become in 2020?

What aspects of yourself were uncovered that felt deeply, uniquely, YOU that may have been hidden before now?

You are on a journey inward now, back to your roots. 

“We’re all just walking each other home.” - Ram Dass

Let the final few days of this year be about coming home to yourself. Not “going back to normal” but back to who you truly know is the person you were BORN to become.

It’s time to shed what will no longer serve you in the new world we’re all entering together. The new earth we’re all inhabiting, as one big cosmic family, only has room for you as your most authentic self.

So how do you get to the other side? Through remembering where you’ve been, but releasing the need to repeat those same cycles. Forgiving but never forgetting. Moving on, but remembering to look back once in a while.


By letting your past inform, but not define your future. 




  • Full Moon is at 8° Cancer
  • Full Moon is sextile Uranus in Taurus
  • Full Moon is opposite Mercury in Capricorn


If you're familiar with your own birth chart, the above, specific aspects are helpful to note. Otherwise, the general information is more than suitable to navigate the energetics of this Full Moon.

If you’re unfamiliar with your birth chart, but are curious as to how this lunation will impact you specifically, book a reading with an astrologer. Our friend Erin is now booking for 2021 at "".


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