WOW. How are you feeling today? Last week was...a lot and chances are that while you watched things unfold for the collective (especially politically, if you’re in the U.S.) you also felt a similar shifting in your own personal life. 

Of course, the stars have a LOT to say about all of it! There were not one, not two, but three major transits that occurred just last week.


MARS, VENUS, and MERCURY ALL changed signs just between last Wednesday and Friday!

If you’re not very familiar with astrology, that translates as your actions/energy levels (Mars), the way you show love and the things you value (Venus) and the way you communicate (Mercury) all shifting into radically different energies than they were in December 2020.


Take note of how different you feel today than you did only last Sunday. Do you feel more...settled? Moving a bit more slowly...but...surely?

Here’s what the planets have to say about that:

Mars, the planet of ACTION, moved from a fire sign that it was in since JUNE of 2020, into an Earth sign. That’s arguably the biggest aspect of all of these shifts.

You might not feel as busy as you did during the second-half of 2020 this month, but perhaps it can be welcomed as a reset time. Things are moving at a slower pace, but they’re also building towards something new that has a lot more POTENTIAL to stand the test of time!


Trust the changes that are happening around you. We are, individually and collectively, moving towards our highest and greatest good.


Mercury and Venus also switched signs, on Friday, January 8th, and they are creating very different energies than last year, too.


Communication will feel much lighter than it did around the holidays. There’s an analytical tilt to your conversations now, and a more lighthearted slant. You’re talking about things that are full of potential. You’re gathering information and open to all sorts of new ideas for your imagined future.


WHY? Because Mercury, the ruler of our communication styles, moved from Capricorn into Aquarius.


The house Aquarius rules in your birth chart will be the MAIN FOCUS AREA of your life in 2021. There’s a stellium (high concentration of energy) occurring there next month and you will feel precursors this month.


There’s a similar story happening to Venus as Mars. It’s going from a potentially explosive love dynamic in December to a more calm, quiet affection that will build over time. You can feel yourself shifting into the affections that truly support the person you’re becoming.

Why? Because Venus, the planet of love and values, moved from Sagittarius (a dynamic fire sign) into Capricorn, a hyper-grounded and practical earth sign.


The astrological transits happening between the very beginning of this year through February will foretell how your entire year is going to feel.

Pay close attention to the friction points and the conversations that come up for you over the coming weeks. They are telling you the story of 2021! 


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