December 22 - January 19

Capricorn friends! Despite all the talk of The Great Conjunction and the Age of Aquarius, we have NOT forgotten about you! We’re welcoming Capricorn season today with open arms.


To begin, we ALL have Capricorn represented in our birth charts. While you may not have a specific planet there, Capricorn rules one of your 12 houses, or area of life. Not sure what all that means? Get in touch with an astrologer and book a reading!

Capricorns are hard workers. Quite literally, they begin every year...and they finish what they started by closing every year, too! 

Capricorn is the final of the three Earth elements. It’s informed by both Taurus and Virgo before it.



Element: Earth

Ruler: Saturn

House: 10th House

Symbol: Mountain Goat

Key Words: Hard Work, Commitment, Grounded, Planning, MONEY

Famous Capricorns: Michelle Obama, Dolly Parton, John Legend, Bradley Cooper, Martin Luther King, Diane Keaton

Capricorn people are leaders. Of course, every zodiac sign has the potential to be a leader, but a few signs stand out with leadership roles as their most comfortable domain. Capricorn doesn’t lead like an Aries though, for example. Aries people tend to end up being self-employed because they sometimes have trouble having anyone above them!

But if you know Capricorn people, or want to lean into the energy of Capricorn season, there is teamwork involved. 

What’s the next rung of the ladder you want to reach? What do you need to DO to arrive at that coveted place?

Many of us around the world are celebrating the holiday season alongside Capricorn season. It’s a time when we spend a lot of money and time focused on a clear goal (Christmas Day). This is not unlike Capricorn people! They’re hyper conscious of what work must be done to reach their desired outcome. 

“Relaxing” is rarely, if ever, a word that comes to mind with Capricorn...but it’s an extremely important part of the energy. While preparing for the holiday season can be exhausting, hopefully, there are also a few rest days that are experienced between now and the New Year. For Capricorn people, this need might only be realized during shadow work.


Because the opposite sign of Capricorn is Cancer, you can see that this WORK, WORK, WORK, vibe is intrinsically linked to the home and family. While you're going to want to work hard over the next month (way to go!) you also must factor in some downtime to be at your very best. That's the magic of the shadow.


Do you have any Capricorn friends in your life? How do you plan on leaning into the energy this season? 

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