Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately...you’ve probably heard about the upcoming astrological event called “The Great Conjunction” and we wanted to take some time to share everything you need to know.


To begin, we’ve been riding the “earth energy” wave since the 19th century.


Why? Because every 200ish years at a time, Jupiter and Saturn meet up in signs of the same element. Jupiter is a benefic planet (smooth sailing) and Saturn is a malefic planet (choppy waters), so when they UNITE, there’s a balancing of scales and an overall theme emerges based on the element they’re occupying.


Earth signs, Capricorn in particular, ruled over the industrial revolution, oversaw the transformation of our relationship to the material world, and presided over unprecedented wars for territory and resources.


But now Jupiter and Saturn are meeting up in AQUARIUS and will officially begin a new 200 year AIR CYCLE on planet Earth!! AKA, the rest of your life will look very different than it did before this pivotal time.


Now instead of “make money and fuck everything else” we’ll be saying things like “technology is our liberation” and “every individual has something unique to contribute”.


We won’t see these shifts happen overnight, but there are going to be technological advances you will see in your lifetime that you couldn’t even imagine right now. BIG things are coming and the world will feel radically different than years past. We will inhabit a place that truly values humanity over capitalism. Hallelujah!!


To begin imagining what you have to contribute to this new world, because you’re definitely here at this moment in history for a reason, look to your birth chart!

Where is Aquarius in your chart? Despite what some popular astrology apps make it seem...each individual has EVERY sign represented.


So while you might not have any specific planets in a given sign, each of the twelve zodiac signs rules over a house, or area of your life.


Work with an astrologer to discover where Aquarius energy can be felt in your own life. Then LEAN IN and watch the magic unfold!


We're now, officially, inhabiting the Age of Aquarius and we couldn't be more excited over here. How are you feeling? What are you ready to manifest?



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