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Posted on July 10 2018


Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Active Healing



This week on Thursday the 12th at 7:48 PM we have a partial Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees of Cancer. The numerology of the day with the degree point and time reduces to the number 3. This means that 3 is the vibrational component for healing and the theme within the energy which ties into what an eclipse represents: the Sun, Earth and Moon (3 celestial bodies) coming into alignment.


This Eclipse is also the first of a total of 3 Eclipses we will have during the summer. The 3rd Chakra in the body is the Solar Plexus and impacts the energy located within our stomach, liver, and large intestine which also happens to be some of the areas of the body that the sign Cancer rules over as well.


 Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and with a Solar Eclipse we are asked to put energy into motion. New Moon’s are a time for planting seeds and setting intentions, but Cancer energy tends to be focused more inward. With Cancer being a Cardinal sign, it still pushes energy forward, within the emotional realm. That is why the theme for this Eclipse is centered around active healing. A lot of times people will wait for a sign, or some kind of nudge from the universe before they take initiative in their own life towards self healing or inner work. It is much easier sometimes to stuff trauma or pain into the dark corners below where we pretend it isn’t there when in reality it is festering and becoming the base root of where we operate from, driving all of our insecurities and fears.


The task here with this Eclipse is to ask yourself, where can I take action in my own personal healing and where can I take responsibility for avoiding the work? If you have been waiting for a sign from the universe, well, the nudge is this Eclipse, and it is asking you to take responsibility over your own self and make a plan on where you can actively attack your inner demons rather than use them to feel victimized or stuck within your own life.


Astrologically on the same day during the Eclipse we also have two trines forming. The first being a water trine between the Sun and Moon in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter in Scorpio.


The second will be an earth trine between Venus in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Capricorn. The earth trine falls in the water houses of the 4th, 8th, and 12th houses which are ruled by Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.


The earth trine will especially help us to evaluate how we feel grounded emotionally,  and the water trine will have us dealing with issues that may have been long suppressed. As things come up to the surface during this time, we will need to acknowledge what patterns or loops we feel ourselves being tied down to. This period is an opportunity for us to change the cycle we have been on and work into new territory of our lives where we are able to operate from a higher place of being and align ourselves more with spirit.


 This energy also helps us to manifest healing in the emotional and physical areas of our lives. Doing root chakra work, solar plexus work, and heart chakra work should be the focus during this time.


Because the Moon and Sun are Conjunct during a Solar Eclipse, the affects of a Solar Eclipse fall into the realm of the New Moon energy. But unlike a regular New Moon, the energy is enhanced and almost accelerated for the rest of the year as we will feel the affects helping us to make major shifts within our lives both physical and emotional.


Cosmic Lady Six

Self Healing Solar Eclipse in Cancer Ritual


Blue and white spell candles

Any prayer candle that is blue or white and has the intention of cleansing, peace, health, or healing properties.

Selenite and or Moonstone

Rose Quartz

Clear Quartz





Chamomile tea

Yoga mat or blanket

Florida water

Bath salts

Tarot cards


Step 1:

 You may want to have a bath with your bath salts, rose petals, and any other kind of oils or candles. In this bath you will be focusing on clearing out any negative energy from you day. Bring a couple of your crystals to hold in your bath with you and put on your solar plexus while you meditate in the bath and imagine negative energy leaving your body.


Step 2:

Light your incense, candles, and sage your space.


Step 3:

 If you have a particular meditation that you gravitate towards for healing  do that, otherwise you can use this meditation here:

This is a buddhist meditation with the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.

The intention of this mantra is to invoke compassion and to release all tension, anger, fear, jealousy, pain, and negative energy from the body. Doing this mantra daily can act to serve as a baseline for beginning a positive and powerful spiritual practice. When done every day the chakras become aligned, the body releases negative energy, and you begin to be more connected to spirit. It is common to do this mantra before invoked the 4 cardinal elemental energies. In buddhism they are called the Dakinis.

  This is a practice that was taught to me by Vicki Noble last year that I have utilized in my life sense and it has completely changed my relationship to myself and the world around me

Step 4:

Invoke the 4 corners and cast your circle.


Step 5:

Once you have completed this part of the ritual you may journal what has come up for you during your meditation and what areas of your life you wish to actively heal.


Step 6:
Doing the following tarot spread will help you to see what areas of yourself or your life need active acknowledgement and healing at this time:


Solar Eclipse

Active Healing Tarot Spread


Card 1: Power of Eclipse in my life at this time


Card 2: What is my main lesson right now


Card 3: What am I being called to heal in my life at this time


Card 4: What from my past still is holding me back from growth


Card 5: What karma needs healing


Card 6: What pattern needs breaking


Card 7: How can I actively heal these areas of my life? ( pull multiple cards, I recommend pulling at least three for this position.)


Card 8: What intentions should I set for this cycle?


Card 9: If I focus on healing what should I expect to manifest into my life as a result?


Card 10: Where do I need to take responsibility for my healing in my life?


Card 11: Divine guidance


Step 7: Once you have completed your Tarot reading, journal the reading and write out a list of all of your intentions around healing. Include the names of those in your life with with to bless.


Put this paper underneath your prayer candle and finish your ritual with a meditation envisioning all of this coming to fruition in your life. As you meditate you may say the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra and imagine all of the energy that feels toxic or weighted down leaving your body.


I recommend laying down and putting a crystal on your solar plexus and heart chakras.  Once you have completed this thank you guys and close your circle. Keep your candles lit until they completely burn down on their own.


As we enter this Eclipse period we will begin to feel the wheel of our lives gain new speeds in directions we have not accessed yet. These intentions will prepare us for the release when the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius comes on July 27th, where we will be asked to let go of this energy we are bringing to the surface now.


I wish you all a powerful and wonderful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on Thursday.

If you would like to book a Tarot or Astrology reading to go deeper into your life, you can find me at

Many Blessings,

Cosmic Lady Six

Analisa Six is an intuitive Tarot Reader and Astrologer and lives in Oakland,CA with her two dogs and husband. You can follow her on IG @cosmicladysix or contact her via email at

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