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Posted on June 26 2018


Happy Full Moon Everyone! Cosmic Lady Six here with another ritual for you! Based on the Astrology for the week, I catered this Moon ritual towards healing karmic trauma. This has been a theme that has come up a lot in the past couple weeks and seems to be an intense focus this week astrologically. I hope you enjoy!

On June 27th we will have our  Full Moon in Capricorn at 6 degrees at 9:53 PM PST, and 12:53 AM EST on the 28th.

   This Moon is known as the Strawberry Moon or Rose Moon and deals with the themes around love, romance, and the dance between the dark and the light. Many ancient traditions focused on sexuality and the union of the masculine and feminine energies during this time.

 On this day our Sun in Cancer will also be making an opposition to Saturn in Capricorn.

This stirs up some intense emotions around our perceptions of our family structure and our relationships to our parents and how that bleeds into the rest of our lives and our outward expression.

We will feel more triggered this week on a whole when it comes to unresolved matters with our families and how that manifests in our relationships or work. How do we project our trauma onto others? What in our past hinders us from moving forward? What traits or karma do we carry into the world from our families that needs closer examination?

 Capricorn energy focuses on pushing energy forward in the physical realm, while Cancer energy focuses on pushing energy forward within the emotional realm.

 Our mother symbolizes the nurturing principal of Cancer, while the father represents the more practical or structured principal of Capricorn.

 Sometimes these roles are reversed with parents, and in modern day society we find more people possessing both energies more equally in different ways.

  In Astrology Cancer rules the 4th house which is our connection to our homes, families and mother, while the 10th house ruled by Capricorn and Saturn rules our occupations and more of how we work in the world in an outward and physical way, and our relationship to our father. (Some astrologers believe the 10th house is the mother and 4th house is the father- I personally feel it depends on the individual chart of the person and what planets fall into what house.)

When the Moon is in Capricorn we can feel confusion or stifled in pushing things forward, and we can find ourselves taking a little longer to get things going. There can also be reluctance to move forward as boldly and we can feel blocked sometimes in how we emotionally process our inner drive.  

This Full Moon asks you to explore these themes within yourself and to find a way of honoring what you have learned from your family and your relationships and to acknowledge what further growing needs to take place in order to heal past karma.

The Full Moon is a great time for reflection and release and here we are given the opportunity to examine what themes of our families need to be left behind in this incarnation.

All of us enter this life with our own spiritual karma, the karma from past lives, whether it be our souls past life, or the genetic past life given to us within the family. Astrology allows us to identify what karma we are here to sort out, and the themes within our family tend to be the gateway to learning those lessons.

For this Full Moon I have created a Tarot Spread to use to identify where your karma stems from and what needs to be released during this transit.

Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn

Karmic Healing Tarot Spread

Card 1: Energy of this Moon in my life

Card 2: My energy on this day

Card 3: Energy crossing/blocking me

Card 4: My relationship to my masculine side

Card 5: My relationship to my feminine side

Card 6: How my relationship to my mother affects me

Card 7: How my relationship to my father affects me

Card 8: What karma am I currently healing in this life

Card 9: What cycle needs breaking

Card 10: What past life trauma still hinders me

Card 11: How I can heal it

Card 12: What to let go in this cycle

Card 13: Where I need to become grounded

Card 14: What I should feel confident about

Card 15: What to focus on for this next cycle

Some cards that may come up for you: The Devil, The Chariot, The World, The Lovers, 2 of cups, 2 of pentacles, The Emperor, and Justice.

Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual:



Orange, Green and Blue candles

Tarot Cards

Paper and Pen


Roses, Lavender, Orchid, or Yarrow

Crystals:  Ancestralite, Topaz, Fluorite, Garnet




Step 1:

Set up Altar and light your incense and candles and cast your circle. Goddess’s to focus on or incorporate for this ritual would be Juno, Isis, Ishtar, and Cerridwyn.

Step 2:

Do Tarot reading and record onto paper what trauma or pain you feel you are working through right now. When you are writing on your paper include a list of everything you wish to heal and let go of. This includes resentments towards people in your life or family, cycles or patterns of behavior you wish to break, and anything that you feel is holding you back from getting yourself into a place where you are effectively accomplishing what you want to in this life.

Step 3:

Once you have your list and have completed your reading you can light the paper in the flame of the green candle and put into your burn bowl. “And so it will be.”

Step 4:  

Now lay down in your circle of Magick and place your crystals on your Sacral Chakra. Close your eyes and envision the trauma or pain leaving your body. Envision yourself forgiving anyone who you still feel pain or resentment towards and imagine all of the pain and tension leaving your body.

Imagine yourself free from any insecurities or blockages. Who are you in this envisionment? What do you look like? How does it feel to see you without this trauma weighing you down? Continue to meditate until you feel less heavy in your heart.

Step 5:

When you are done meditating journal what visualizations came up for you and how it made you feel. What happens when you forgave those you resented in your meditation? What did the lighter, happier version of you possess that you do not possess now? What do you need to do in this life in order to become the free person you imagined in the meditation? Write all of this down.

Step 6:

Take a shower after this meditation to fully cleanse away the things that were brought up during this ritual. When you are done, close your circle, sage your space, and thank your guides for the insight they have provided. Through this ritual you have opened the door to healing your karma, you are now working within a realm of consciousness that acknowledges the growth you are doing and you will be guided to continue this work if you have successfully followed this ritual.

When we begin to heal and acknowledge karmic trauma, there is no going back without serious repercussions in this lifetime and the next.  The more self aware we become, the less wiggle room we have to get away with things we know in our heart of hearts is not right or in line with the higher self.

The cosmic wheel of astrology asks us to acknowledge these themes and layers within the self, and it is through these cycles that we dive in, release, and heal a bit more each time.

I hope you found this ritual and Tarot reading insightful and I wish you all many Full Moon blessings!

Cosmic Lady Six

Analisa Six is an intuitive Tarot reader, Astrologer and Witch. She lives in Oakland, CA with her Husband and two dogs. To book a reading visit cosmicladysix.com

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