Freedom and the quest for knowledge, Full Moon in Sagittarius ritual and guidance by Cosmic Lady Six

Analisa Six

Posted on May 28 2018

Freedom and the quest for knowledge, Full Moon in Sagittarius ritual and guidance by Cosmic Lady Six

Hello Ritual Blog readers! Cosmic Lady Six here to welcome you into this Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday that will be hitting at 7:19AM PST and 10:19AM EST. This energy pushes us to expand what we know and demands that we get out of our routine for the time being.

Sagittarius in the zodiac holds a strong place in my heart as I am a Sagittarius rising, as well as my father. My mother has a Sagittarius Moon in her 9th house, the 9th house is ruled by Sagittarius. With Sagittarius energy so prominent in my family, I feel an intense urge for expansion and freedom constantly tugging at me from within. Probably why I do so well with self-employment!


 I am sure for some of your reading this who are newer to astrology this all sounds like astrological nerd jargon so I will explain it more in depth.


Sagittarius rules the 9th house in astrology and is ruled by the asteroid Chiron, and the planet Jupiter. The mantra for Sagittarius is “ I know” and Sagittarius dominant people  tend to be natural born teachers and truth seekers.


 The 9th house represents the quest for knowledge, mysticism, philosophy, expansion, truth, and travel. It is the teacher, traveler, philosopher, and guru in the chart.


   Wherever we have Sagittarius in our chart, or the planet Jupiter, this can indicate where we seek truth, knowledge, and expansion in our lives. There is also a large spiritual and religious component to Sagittarius energy, and depending on what planets fall into Sagittarius for us, we can feel more inclined to the path of spirituality or lone wolfing our own philosophical path around our ideals and beliefs.

(Freddie Mercury has his Moon in Sagitarius.)

 Full Moons ask us for release. It is a time to manifest what we want into our lives, but to also make space to let go of things that get in the way of that manifestation. Sagittarius has a “break these chains and run” kind of vibe which pushes us to expand and seek new territory outside of ourselves. With Mars in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus, this energy is enhanced and we can feel things bubbling under the surface pushing us to get out of our normal routine and comfort zone.

 Sagittarius energy is social, and so for those of us who feel inclined to hermit and cower away from socialization, it is an uncomfortable energy because it wants us to leave the comfort zone and expand into building new relationships and experiencing the world in new ways.


We will not be allowed to hold onto old beliefs about ourselves or the world that keep us in a place we need to evolve from.


Jupiter ruling Sagittarius also represents expansion, luck and abundance. With Jupiter in Scorpio over the next two years, we are transforming the way we want to dive into new territory in our lives. All of these transits and placements are pushing us to do something new and out of our comfort zones whether it is logical or not for the benefit of our long term growth.


As linear as we can try to be, as structured, and methodical- life is not linear, the spirit is not linear, and no matter how much we plan, there will always be curve balls that get thrown our way that we are forced to deal with.


 Sagittarius and Gemini energy is Mutable, and with the Sun in Gemini opposing our Moon in Sagittarius which creates our Full Moon on Tuesday, it will be imperative that we allow ourselves to go with the flow of this intense energy.


This energy will be hardest on Cardinal signs who enjoy controlling their environments and have a harder time going with the flow. Cardinal signs of the zodiac are Aries, Capricorn, Libra, and Cancer.

Ask yourself how you can go more with the flow of your life, and the curveballs life throws at you. Where do you need to expand your understanding and knowledge? What truth do you believe that may not be beneficial to long term growth? Do you need to expand your point of view and open yourself up to new possibilities?

Tarot Cards Associated with Sagittarius:


 The Wheel of Fortune/Jupiter : Trusting in the Universe and Fate. Your life path is still being determined, you need to trust in the divine powers to guide you towards your ultimate potential.

Temperance: How do we use our creativity, passion, and drive to achieve what we want in a way that is methodical while still free and expansive. How do we follow our hearts without losing our cool and stability?

Judgement: How do we align our lives with our values. What truth do we believe, what knowledge do we seek? And are we living in line with what those beliefs or values reflect?

8,9,and 10 of Wands: What action do we take towards our goals?  How do we manifest our creativity and spiritual desires? What burdens or beliefs do we carry that may need to be released? What transformation spiritually is taking place?

Page/Daughter of Wands: What is our pursuit of knowledge teaching us at this time? Are we open to learning and new experiences? How can we allow ourselves to expand in a positive and playful way? Do we allow ourselves to be a student in life or do we reject the learning process out of fear of losing what we already know?

King of Wands: How do we guide and teach others? Are we honoring where our knowledge comes from and the past teachers we have acquired it from? Are we confident in who we are and our abilities in a meaningful way?



Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Spread:

Card 1: You on this Full Moon

Card 2: What blocks or challenges your currently facing around growth

Card 3: What part of your life needs you to expand and be more open to new territory

Card 4: How Sagittarius energy benefits you

Card 5: How Gemini energy benefits you

Card 6: What limiting beliefs need letting go

Card 7: What energy needs harnessing

Card 8: What needs to be learned

Card 9: What truth about yourself needs acknowledging

Card 10: Divine Guidance




Full Moon in Sagittarius Ritual


Red candles

White Candles

Orange Candles




Tarot Cards

Journal or pen and paper

Upbeat music



Burn bowl or cauldron

Pinterest app or vision board with magazines to cut from.

Step 1:

Set up your altar, make sure you are bathed and wearing clothing that makes you feel confident and happy.

Step 2: Put on happy music that makes you feel free. Cast your circle and light your candles, burn your herbs in your burn bowl or cauldron.

Step 3:

 Do your Tarot spread and journal what areas of your life you feel are being called to for expansion, growth and learning.

Step 4:

Once you have determined where you need to open yourself up to new pathways in your life, you will write in your journal or on a pen and paper what you wish to let go and manifest over next cycle.

Step 5: Vision boarding. This part of the ritual is up to you, you can make a vision board online using apps like Pinterest or Canva, or you can use an actual poster board with magazines or print outs from the web to create your vision board. This board you should not hold back, put anything and everything you wish you need to allow into your life in all areas. This can be places you want to travel, your dream job or income, relationship/love goals, anything and everything.

Step 6: Once you have created this vision board, read allowed everything on it, sage the area and do a 10 minute meditation around what you wish to manifest. If you are able to hang your vision board somewhere or screen shot it and use it as the back of your phone to have around, do that.

Step 7: Once you are done with vision boarding, you will want to close your circle and thank your guides and the 4 cardinal directions for helping you. Bless people in your life you wish luck and abundance to over the next cycle and try to enjoy the rest of your day in a way that allows for playful interactions and freedom from rigid structures.

I hope this ritual allows you to feel room for expansion in your life. Creative visualization tends to lend itself to us subconsciously putting the right steps into motion in order to manifest more of what we need and want into our lives. Every vision board I have done as helped me get closer to my goals and dreams and it is amazing to look back on what we have put out into the universe and how it has returned to us. Many times I read for people who are unsure of what they want until they begin putting it into a vision board. This helps you clarify and hone in on a direction in your life you feel drawn towards.

I wish you all a very happy Full Moon in Sagittarius and thank you all for reading. Please let me know how your tarot reading or ritual went. You can tag me or message me over on my instagram @cosmicladysix.


Analisa Six

Analisa Six is an intuitive Tarot Reader and Astrologer. She lives in Oakland, CA with her Husband and 2 dogs. To book a reading visit

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