Sagittarius Full Moon June 9th!

Amanda Medina

Posted on June 09 2017

Sagittarius Full Moon June 9th!
Two transits that are happening with this Full Moon in Sagittarius I’d like to highlight are the moon trine Uranus, and this moon sextile Jupiter. The moon in the eldest fire sign trine (positive and simple energetic exchange) Uranus (planet of rebellion, change, individuality) in the YOUNGEST fire sign Aries, we have this bubbling excitement and change – minus the chaos. Trust your intuition and don’t be afraid to be a little impulsive! Its also Friday night – so get out into your community and connect with the world around you.
The other transit I’ll mention is the moon sextile Jupiter (planet of luck, growth, vision, faith, optimism, loyalty, justice, confidence and wisdom. Jupiter paints a broad picture and makes you want to think big. This interaction is favorable for all social interactions. This extends to group activities and helping others out. Jupiter is still in Libra, sign of balance so stay light and this should be a wonderful time to purge anything that isn’t friendly, and gently helping you to think bigger…
let’s see what our full moon spread has for us!
The full moon spread consists of 7 cards, each holding a different meaning. Card one ( Top left) Represents what we need to let go of, as the full moon (much to peoples disbelief) is what we should shed in order to rebuild a new foundation with the new moon, and again re-shed the next full moon. For this reading we have reversed 6 of coins, representing one sided charity, we need to help others as much as we want to be helped.
 For card two (representing what we should retain that we already have) is The Chariot, onward momentum, control, individuality- this highly reflects our current aspect between Moon in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries - it's pioneering in a fiery foundation lead by the Air of our sun in Gemini.
Card 3 (What is coming into our life) is The Emperor. He represents the compliment to the Empress, he is the Masculine Principle, authoritarian where Empress energy would be nourishment. This could be someone else, or qualities invoked by the querent.
Card 4 is our surroundings. This card is Ace of Cups. Cups are of the emotional suit The hand that appears from the clouds represents our consciousness of spiritual energy and influence. It unlike King or Queen of Cups has no gender, it is of the spirit world and shows a higher state of consciousness because it is not bound to body, space, or time.
Card 5 is what to be giving to others. This is six of cups. This is a sense of romantic nostalgia that will bring about new impetus for new beginnings, due to familiar foundation that makes one feel secure and safe from mutual feelings.
Card 6 is what will begin soon, this is the sun - completely new beginning with a lot of fiery + new perceptions.
Card 7 is Judgement. This card is your lesson or what to be learning at this point. Judgement card means the judgement from you from your higher self to you, from you. It's a self- evaluation, completely objective and real- complete absolution where any "sins" that may have been created are cleansed and moved past, looking only to this new blank state future completely open to new and unknown possibilities.

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