New Moon in Gemini Tarot Spread!

Amanda Medina

Posted on May 25 2017

New Moon in Gemini Tarot Spread!
Here we go! As Gemini season kicks in to full gear we have a new moon to facilitate our foundation. A new moon is like a check in point for us. We can use the new moon as a time to take a look at ourselves and plan for the next 2 weeks while the moon grows to full.
Here is the spread layout!
It's a simple spread, you can do one on yourself or for a fried! For today's spread we use the fountain tarot deck!

Card one, the present position shows the fool. Think spring, youth, and new fresh ideas giving you and extra zing. This is where we currently are and how we are approaching life. Gemini sun and moon are very light, communication driven and sometimes lacking in structured goals and boundaries.


Card two, what’s blocking us or what needs to be left behind is the king of coins reversed, this card shows the last drops of Taurus season looming around. Letting any excessive tendencies especially dealing with food, drink, and any material excess you can think of. This is a time to gain some focus.


Card three, what intentions we need to be setting for this new moon cycle is the 8 of cups reversed. This card represents leaving difficult situations with out handling them correctly. This means we need to have a little structure in our lives, especially in the internal and emotional settings (cup suits). Finding some grounding in this very light, airy cycle is important.


Card four, what we need to acquire knowledge wise we have 8 of wands reversed, similar to the previous two, it shows us not knowing which direction to take. So, use this moon in mercurial fashion to find what direction it is that you need to take. . The suit of wands represents fire and spirit, do some internal work and meditate on it, listen to your closest voice and move from there.  

Card five, the positive energy that comes from this specific cycle is 9 of cups reversed. Being considerate of others, even if you have something to boast about. We are all experiencing this transition together even if it is in different ways, remember to have compassion for those around you whether you know them or not!               


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