The New Moon is usually a gentle, quite time to set intentions for the next lunar cycle. Although there are intentions being set, this new moon is not so gentle. There is a great push to witness and release some long held belief systems that no longer serve us. We are being asked to boldly move forward into new realms of existence, in true Leo fashion. 

I've pulled four cards for you to guide you in your journey this month from the Leila Olive Pythia Botanica Oracle Deck.



The first card, Beth Root, Reflect & Emit- asks one to look around and  take in the power of their community or coven. Adopt the love and collective power of those around you, and use it during times of doubt or anxiety as you move through this month. Remember we are never actually alone, although it may feel that way at times. Lean on those close to you, and your spirit guides at this time. It is not a path you have to walk alone. 



The second card, Rosemary, Remember- asks one to look back,  as we see past patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. Some of these beliefs may be painful to release, or the shear amount of unmanageability they've been causing can be hard to witness. Ultimately this act of looking  back will cultivate more freedom going forward. Leo asks us to walk fearlessly through whatever doubt we may have to a more fulfilled state of being. 



The third card, Periwinkle, Sorcerer's Violet warns us to stay aware of our mental and physical states during this time to avoid any unnecessary pain. Make sure your footing, both physically and metaphysically is secure. 



Lastly, Quince, Bite, Breathe, Conceive: reminds us to not loose  sight of the beauty in our journey, or fall into morbid reflection of what  belief systems have been keeping us from shining fully. We are all growing each day into more authentic versions of ourselves. There is no room for judgement now, of ourselves or others. 



Over all, this Leo energy can be harnessed to bring about great shifts in our lives. Be aware not the let doubt or fear stop you  from letting go and discovering what you're spirit guides are showing  you during this time.




Take some time to enjoy the bold

energies surrounding Leo season. 


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