Rose Quartz Heart Opening Crystal Ritual

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Posted on February 13 2019

Rose Quartz Heart Opening Crystal Ritual

 Paper hearts, boxes of decadent chocolates, red and pink everything! We are entering the season of love, bombarded by heart shaped reminders to let others and ourselves know that we care. Self-care is important when we feel our best we can radiate that positivity into the world. Taking time to cultivate self-love is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Throw away the excuses this month and sacrifice binging that new Netflix series or scrolling through social media to unplug and invest in some you time! Rose quartz is one of the most iconic crystals when it comes to matters of the heart. Since the time of the ancient Greeks, rose quartz has been considered the stone of unconditional love. It’s milky pink color just radiates with softness and positivity. Cupid, the Roman god of affection and desire, was said to have bestowed rose quartz upon the Earth a gift of love, passion, and happiness for all. Rose quartz helps to heal all aspects of the heart, beaming off strong vibrations of love. It’s the perfect ally when you want to attract a new relationship, love yourself more, or do some healing from a past relationship. Try this Aphrodite bath ritual to pamper yourself, tap into your heart, and draw loving vibes into your life.

Aphrodite Bathing Ritual

Perfect for a “pre-date” ritual for Valentines Day, or just to add a little extra sparkle to your aura!

Supplies: 3 pieces of rose quartz

                 A pink or white candle

                 Pink rose petals

                 Sandalwood incense

                 9 drops of your favorite oil

                 (Try Violet & Poppy’s Gold Dust Woman or Aphrodite’s Enchantment!)

                  Pen + Paper

Directions: Friday is the ideal time to do this ritual – the day aligned with Venus, the planet of love. Fill the bathtub with warm water, add one of your rose quartz crystals, the oil, and then sprinkle in the rose petals. Before getting in the bath write down what you want from this ritual, be as detailed as possible, fold the piece of paper three times toward you and place it under the candle. Light the incense and the candle and step into the beautiful bath you have made yourself. Submerge yourself in the healing waters and allow yourself to relax. Soak for about twenty minutes holding the two remaining rose quartz crystals one in each hand. After the bath, give the rose petals back to the earth, and carry your rose quartz crystals with you in your purse or place them on your nightstand.

Written by Natalie Berko  


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