Reiki in the Healing Room

Amanda Medina

Posted on May 03 2017

Reiki in the Healing Room
The lovely Makenzie Flynn is offering a special for Mother's Day Reiki, for $45 you can get an hour long session for your Mama, or even one for yourself too! If you've never tried Reiki springtime is a wonderful introduction to do it.
Reiki is an alternative healing method that is directed towards the energetic body or the aura. The healer uses their hands to help guide energy into its most efficient places.
After a long winter as we melt into summer we can get a reiki session to help move our energy around, freeing it up for new possibilities. 

“My goal as a healer is to inspire people to reach their highest potential by empowering the mind, reviving the body, and uplifting the spirit. I want to break the mold. I want to help people figure out what they came here to accomplish. I want people to get more satisfaction out of their lives.” - Makenzie Flynn

 Makenzie also offers intuitive readings, and the healing room at Ritual Ritual also serves as a massage room! For more information on Makenzie and the services you can get in the healing room go to




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