May Full Moon in Scorpio 2017

Amanda Medina

Posted on May 10 2017

May Full Moon in Scorpio 2017
On Wednesday, May 10th we have ourselves a full moon in the sign Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars, as you see the fiery stinger at the end of the scorpions tail. Scorpio is also somewhat ruled by Pluto, lord of the underworld. This  power driven sign is ruling our full moon. Before tapping into the full moon details I want to break down the aspects of Scorpio for you first, so in your next couple of days as you observe the subtle (or maybe drastic) changes, or behaviors around you, you can link them to this information.
As intense and mysterious as Scorpio can be, it is a slow and calculated kind of action. Looking to get right to the core of the matter, this sign will cause one with any planets in this sign to hold these qualities. Dark, deep, mysterious, powerful, loyal, but also can acquire the negative side, jealousy, manipulation, etc.
With the full moon being here some of us may not know whats going on. This is why we take the responsibility to inform ourselves so we can both protect ourselves from outer influences and project outward the best possible result of the energies that this moon brings us.
This moon is aspecting Pluto in a great way, this can be a time for serious energizing self realizing goodness. We can take this depth of energy and turn it into some real manifesting (sun is in Taurus- all about material, earth, stability). This can also be a very creative time if used well. When the full moon is exact, the chart of it is showing there is a push pull between your self and other, as well as expansive jupiter in a very internal place. This will be a time to look inside and find your truest power, and your motivations. Try not to be blown around by the energies coming into play as you have an awareness that the true power lies within your own self. This should be a fearless time allowing you to express yourself completely, even if in the face of adversity!
Therefore this is a powerful time for either ascending your consciousness level, or letting it drop!
Keeping yourself grounded with a little Tourmaline also helps, along with placing your consciousness on the fact that you are stabilizing your self.

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