Its almost the weekend! At Ritual Ritual we have two wonderful women coming through to dish out some metaphysical knowledge. Rachel Robles workshop is SOLD OUT, and just a few spaces for TAROT READINGS and SOUL TAROT 101 on March 19th by Lindsay Mack. CLICK HERE FOR SIGN UPS

Tarot is especially helpful in times of transition and change. We have the Spring Equinox happening Monday, so a new astrological year is upon us! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and on Monday it is its first day there, conjunct Venus (amplifying). Most of you may have heard about “Venus Retrograde”, this is still going on until April 15th. Venus is the planet and aspect of our lives that’s all about love and sensuality, material posessions and such. Often times we experience this as self love. On Monday Venus will be aspecting the moon (our emotions) in what is called a Square. A square tends to have you feeling sided towards one planet or another. Often Venus Square Moon means you have the tendancy to overreact. Now that you know, you have the ability to transcend this. Let’s start the astrological year off right.


Ways to keep grounded through emotional times like this are spending time with your self, and in a sensual way since we’re dealing with venus. Things like HERBAL MISTS and crystals like TOURMALINE help give a boost of grounding in times where you need a material reminder for your intention. Surrounding the SPACE you occupy by enchanting the senses helps as well, as we experience life through the senses.


Whether you are getting cards read, or participating in ritual or both, enjoy this beautiful blossoming transition into our new year as a collective consciousness for the betterment of ALL!

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