Virgo Full Moon Tarot Spread

Amanda Medina

Posted on March 12 2017

Virgo Full Moon Tarot Spread

Sunday March 12th we have a full moon in Virgo, this full moon comes to us while Venus (planet of love, beauty, pleasures) is moving backwards in the zodiac for another month or so. This gives us a patient opportunity to reflect on those aspects in our lives so we can take action again when Venus is direct after April 15th. With a fully energized moon in Virgo the sign of the healer, detail oriented work and daily life we are internally presented with a chance to reflect and shed old ways as we prepare for the next new moon.


This full moon spread has 7 cards in the layout seen in the photograph above.

Card 1 (top left) we have asked what do we need to collectively let go of.

The card pulled was the hermit reversed, this can mean either you are not taking enough time for personal reflection and isolation, or taking too much.

Finding balance here as we exit Pisces season very soon and head into an astrological new year with fiery vivacious Aries we will be moved to express. Use the time left in Pisces season for your more Neptunian spiritual practices, and get a solid foundation there so when we go to Aries we have our spiritual foundations ready.

Card 2 (middle left) we have asked what do we need to retain and keep close.

The card pulled was reversed Justice, bringing an awareness of a potential habit to not take responsibility for our own situations. We have to keep balance and fairness with us in order to experience cosmic law and trust that there is a reason for everything. Own every vibration you put out and stay the course of balance.

Card 3 (bottom left) we asked what we will be receiving.

The card pulled here was the Chariot reversed, this card generally gives a feeling that you have lost control or have little control now over your life. This is the time to take the reigns and get more focus and discipline in your life, with out forcing. We are receiving some challenges here and there and if we allow challenge to take over instead of sit with ourselves and work through, we will feel a loss of control.

Card 4 (top right) asks what our environment is.

The card pulled was the lovers reversed, this is absolutely Venus retrograde as this card also represents the conflict of our inner and outer world in terms of values and sense of self. You have the power to withstand anything thrown in your direction and transform it positively. Remember the balance needed from the previous 3 cards. There is a delicate balance between give and take. Nurturing yourself and others equally is key.

Card 5 (middle right) shows us what we are to give to others.

The hierophant reversed was the card pulled, this card is all about breaking the rules and breaking free of the rigid structures and dogma that surrounds you. This especially has to do with people who are in a position of leadership. There will be a need to give out equal support so that power is equally distributed throughout. Bounce ideas off one another with no judgement!

Card 6 (bottom right) is what will come into being.

The 8 of pentacles reversed shows that your perfectionism has become a barrier to your success, you will have to let go of the security of ease of what you’ve already mastered and challenge yourself in new radical ways.

Card 7 (center) is our lessons we should be learning at this time.

The reversed 7 of pentacles suggests that efforts might be scattered, and there is a questioning that happens afterward, leaving you feeling drained and confused. As the other cards stated this is a time to balance out your visions and dreams with approach and action. True evaluation will be the most fruitful now.

The cards above all have threading themes, one that they are all reversed which my interpretation of this is its all very introspective. This is a time for you to do you so when the time is right you can share wholly with others. Another theme is this balance of extremes, inner world and outer world can be challenging to face head on. The sun is in Pisces, deep spiritual and emotional aspects of life while the moon is in Virgo opposite Pisces, it has to do with daily life, work and health. Investigating these polarities in your own life and balancing the two is essential. In doing so you can create for yourself a sound foundation in which the next time you are challenged it will be that much easier to navigate.


Deck used for this reading made by THE WILD UNKNOWN




If and when you do feel moments of anxiety with all this opposition coming on, finding moments alone are important. Venus is a sensual planet so surrounding yourself with good scents and sights are important. Having items like sage or palo santo on hand help set the space for you to initiate this solitude, no matter how long or short it is make sure its quality. Set the phone somewhere else and let the weight of time disappear. 


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