Last month you may have noticed that the Ritual team journeyed to Tucson, AZ to attend the internationally renowned Tucson Gem Show. The trip was filled with sparkling gemstones, desert sunsets, and towering cacti...simply put it was the perfect getaway. It was a trip that afforded us with some much needed nature, sunshine, and laughs, and lucky for you all, it sent us home with a major crystal & gemstone haul that will be making it's way to Ritual Shoppe very soon.

The experience was truly on of a kind and full of special moments so we thought we might as well share a few of those nuggets with you!


The Tucson Gem Show is a essentially a gigantic flea market for crystals, aka arguably the two best things combined in to one perfect mecca. A seemingly endless buffet of glittering gemstones and all things related to gemstones (and a lot of things non-related too).

Our trip also unexpectedly coincided with the Leo Full Moon, so naturally we had a full moon desert sunset dance party which involved lots of selfies and a few accidental cactus pricks along the way...


On the second to last day of our trip we ventured to the Saguaro National Forest for a canyon hike in search of Seven Falls, a secret oasis of seven waterfalls tucked away within a dusty Arizona canyon. After a 3-mile trek into the canyon the vision of seven perfectly stacked waterfalls along the canyon's cliffside appeared, seeming almost mirage-like.

It's safe to say we experienced the full spectrum of earth's beauty and bounty on this trip, from the overwhelming amount of crystals (big and small), to the vast desert landscape of cacti and waterfalls. All of this took place alongside some of the best company one could ask for. Alas, the trip was not only a desert adventure, but a week of bonding between the team, which included an unending stream of laughs, stories and heart-to-heart moments.

We're so grateful to have had this experience in Tucson and so excited to show you all that we brought back. Stay tuned for Tucson treasures coming to the shop soon!

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