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To begin, we’re here to talk about CRYSTALS. What else? Yes, they’re beautiful, but they’re also seriously charged. With what, you ask? Depends on the gem! They’re all unique...just like each zodiac sign.


Read on to determine which crystal is best for you, based on your astrological sun sign. Don’t know your sun sign? Book a reading.


The Best Crystal for your Zodiac Sign


Aries: Carnelian

Aries is the beginner. The initiator. The disrupter. And if you’re mad at one...the baby! If you’re an Aries, you understand that creation isn’t always pretty. It’s often bloody and painful...but required for a resurgence of energy. Carnelian viscerally reminds us of that. Use it to manifest courage and prosperity.


Taurus: Amethyst

Slow and steady always wins the race with Taurus (if they ever get around to entering!). If you know or love a Taurus, you hopefully appreciate them for their grounded nature. They stay the course, even if there’s rough terrain. The danger of their solidity is the burden that can come along with holding everything so tightly. An amethyst will aid in purifying their minds and clearing any stagnant energy.


Gemini: Shungite

Say it with me now: Communication overload. Gemini have been born (Aries) and decided to stay awhile (Taurus) so now they’re ready to talk about their experience. Gemini rules the throat chakra. They have a LOT to say. Shungite will help protect them from all the EMFs that come along with communicating in 2020.


Cancer: Selenite

Sweet, sweet Cancer. Your tender energy field can’t always withstand the amount of force projected onto it. Ruled by the moon, your emotions ebb and flow like the tides...so you must protect yourself. Selenite is the ultimate aura cleanser and will literally make you feel lighter with a few waves of its wand.


Leo: Lapis Lazuli

The lion knows two things for certain: they are creative genius’ and, as such, should be treated like royalty. Like Lapis Lazuli, the Leo people in your life are beautiful and refuse to be ignored. This stone will remind them of their purely honest heart center and ensure compassion as they roar through life.


Virgo: Clear Quartz

Oh, Virgo! Where would the people of the world be without your helping hand? You were born to serve and for that we are all so thankful. But who takes care of you, dear one? If you’re not so great at recharging your own batteries, clear quartz can help. It’s the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom and will amplify whatever intention you place upon it.


Libra: Rose Quartz

Love, Love, LOVE! While many shake their heads at the concept of a person’s “other half” Librans truly need another person to reflect their beauty and values back to them. Libra rules the seventh house of one-on-one relationships and rose quartz is the perfect crystal to help manifest that balancing of the scales..


Scorpio: Angelite

Any Scorpio reading this was probably like: “EW ANGELS” because many naturally relate to the darker sides of the human experience. That’s because they’re ruled by Pluto, the master of death, rebirth, and transformation. Despite its sweet name, Angelite is an extremely strong tool for a Scorpio. It’s a powerful stone that will connect them with higher realms...and facilitate forgiveness if they accidentally go too far.


Sagittarius: Aventurine

Did someone say adventure? Not quite, Sag, but CLOSE! Ruled by Jupiter, you’re no stranger to rolling the dice and getting lucky when you do. You love to travel and learn new things. Aventurine will support your whims and attract abundance as you play the game we call life.


Capricorn: Unakite

Capricorn, you’re nothing if not grounded. Problems may arise though, when you forget to also be agile. That’s where unakite comes into play! Formed in the mountains of North Carolina, massive slabs of granite are altered by hydrothermal activity and create this specimen. It will listen to your problems while encouraging you to carpe diem.


Aquarius: Lepidolite

Carry us into the new age, Aquarius! We’re in the midst of a revolution and while other people are totally freaking out, Aquarians are like...duh. Simply put, they’ve always been ahead of their time, but now that time is finally HERE! Lepidolite is a stone of transition and serves as a beacon of hope for the dawning of a new era. Aquarians can use it to help the rest of us restructure our old energy patterns.


Pisces: Labradorite

Where did you go, Pisces? Pisces people are rarely “here” with us and almost always floating around elsewhere. If you’re a Pisces, you know what I’m talking about. You’re a lover, an empath, and probably, a mystic. It will come as a surprise to exactly 0 Pisces people that Labradorite is their superpowered crystal! It connects us to the world beyond the veil and helps us intuit our dreams..


Do these crystals speak to your zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments!


  • Calyn said:

    Thanks for such a sweet, little collection of thoughtful and succinct descriptions!
    I am a Taurus and Amethyst has absolutely presented itself to me more often than any other crystal – including gifts from friends and dreams friends have had of my eating it :)

    September 01, 2020

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