Hi, friends! It's Erin from TBH Magic back again to share all things NEW MOON.

There's a New Moon in Leo today at 10:43 p.m. ET and it feels different than others of recent memory. Of course, everything feels different in 2020! With Leo particularly though, there’s a somber tone that never really occupied the season in years past.

But that’s OK!

If there’s one thing Leo season knows how to do…it’s to be real and truthful.

So that's what's being asked of you this cycle: lean into whatever you're feeling and explore it proudly.

You'll get an added manifestation boost tomorrow when Mercury moves into Virgo. Use this detail-oriented sign's strengths to write to-do lists surrounding these mantras and craft a strategy for your goals.

And maybe...reward yourself a little? In addition to the mantras below, I've included a few of my favorite Ritual products that would make a great Leo New Moon gift to yourself!




Aries: I will forget about the competition and create for creativity's sake.


Taurus: I will loosen my grip and express myself openly and vulnerably to my family. 

This practical book has some great tips!

Gemini: I will stop second-guessing my gumption and share theatrical stories with my friends.


Cancer: I will release conformity in the workplace and instead discover creative revenue streams.


Leo: I will not complain about gym restrictions and will instead move my body in a fun new way.


Virgo: I will let myself "check out" once in awhile and pay more attention to my dreams.

This "Night Vibes" oil should help you on your quest

Libra: I will resist the urge to make sure everyone agrees before I declare what I believe. 


Scorpio: I will stop telling myself I'm too cool and decidedly get the attention I crave at work.


Sagittarius: I will make time to transport myself, even if it's metaphorically for now.

A little trip to the Catskills, perhaps, Sag?

Capricorn: I will reimagine the endings happening around me by embracing the silver linings. 


Aquarius: I will fight one-sided relationship dynamics and acknowledge my partner's unique qualities.

Pisces: I will show up in my daily, waking life as proudly and exuberantly as I do in my dreams. 

So what do you think? Do these mantras resonate with the energy you're feeling swirling around right now? Let us know in the comments!

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