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Posted on February 14 2018


 Hi Everyone!  Analisa here with @cosmicladysix.  I am an astrologer, tarot reader, and vegan witch living in Oakland, Ca.  I have collaboratied with the ladies of Ritual Ritual to ring you some helpful insights on this new moon eclipse + a Ritual to perform on or as close as possible to the New Moon.  

This Thursday (today) marks the first out of three Solar Eclipses we will have in 2018. This Thursday’s Eclipse is a Partial Solar Eclipse which is not the same as a Total Solar Eclipse. Unfortunately for those of us in the United States, this particular Eclipse will not be visible to us.  The Eclipse will happen at 1:05PM PST,  when the Moon and Sun are conjunct in the sign of Aquarius at 27 degrees.  Mercury, the planet of communication and information, as well as Juno, the asteroid of marriage and union will also be within the orb of this Eclipse, causing us to have a major focus on our relationships as well as how we communicate within them.


Not only will this week be powerful astrologically but we also have Mardi Gras, St. Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday together before this powerful Eclipse, and then Chinese New Year the day after.  This is the last week of Aquarius energy before our Sun moves into Pisces on Sunday, and Mercury into Pisces on Saturday, so we will want to make sure we think wisely about how we put our energy forward during this powerful time.


Solar Eclipses always occur on a New Moon. The New Moon phase is about setting our intentions and planting new seeds for the next cycle. It may feel hard with so much going on this week to be able to make time for the self, but it will be important on Thursday that you carve out some time for ritual and setting your intentions for this next month in Pisces.


A Solar Eclipse amplifies our intentions and our energy and leaves a lasting impression for the months following. A New Moon in Aquarius may have us mentally turning inward on the self, and with Juno and Mercury in the mix we may likely be overthinking relationships- especially romantic ones. It will be important that you find ways to ground yourself in reality rather than letting your wheels spin to the point of exhaustion, and or, anxiety.  In some ways this energy is great for relationships moving forward in new and interesting ways, but in other ways it can cause us to feel restless and pushy about wanting things to move faster than they might need in the long run. Try to learn patience, all good things take time.

Another powerful transit on this day will be the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Juno all in a harmonious Sextile with Uranus in Aries. This creates a lot of personal drive and empowerment around finding confidence and authority within one’s own self. We may feel more amped up in creating a strong relationship to our own self rather than another person. But for those of us who have positive relationships- we can all use our own empowerment to help empower each other.

Here is a list of some intentions that would be great to set for the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius:

  • Make self care a weekly priority.
  • Build a stronger connection to the self.
  • Meditate on “I am whole and do not need another to fill me.”
  • Those who love me will love me for all of me, I do not twist or contort myself to fit the needs of others.
  • Self love comes before I can give love to another.
  • Love and Sex are not the same thing- define your sexual relationship to yourself before you give yourself sexually to another.
  • I use my mental strength for empowerment and creativity- not for worrying about what others are thinking or doing.
  • I allow myself to question old structures and push boundaries without hurting others or myself.
  • I allow compassion to drive my endeavors, not jealousy or anger.
  • I am confident in who I am at a soul level and embrace every challenge as a building block to my growth.
  • I make room for only those who treat me with love and compassion.

A Ritual for Thursday’s Eclipse


  • Sunflowers,Roses, and Orchids
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Rosemary
  • Floria Water
  • Holy Basil
  • Bay Leaves
  • Chocolate Strawberries
  • Love Salt Bath
  • Chuparrosa love prayer candle
  • Red, Pink, White and Black spell candles
  • Red Santa Muerte Prayer candle
  • Rose Incense
  • Sage
  • Cauldron

  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Make sure your house or ritual space is set up and clean. Cast your circle around your entire house or apartment, sage your whole house, anoint every entry way and doorway with Florida Water. You are also welcome to do a ritual wash on the floor with Florida Water- you can clean the floors of your ritual space with Florida Water to establish an energetically cleansed space for intention setting.

    Step 2

    Take a self care bath in your bath salt blend and add rose petals to the bath. You will also want to have a few crystals in the bath with you. If you have any self love ritual scrubs you want to use, feel free and choose something from the list of intentions above to say 3 times as your scrub yourself. If you are not using a ritual scrub you can meditate on your intentions during the bath.

    Step 3

    When you get out of the bath anoint yourself with Florida water ( or any perfume, lotions or oils you like) and put on something that you feel good in, preferably a ritual robe or garment that is elegant.

    Step 4

    Light incense and candles. You will then take herbs and put them into your cauldron if you have not already. On your Bay Leaves you will write the names of people you wish to bless in your life with love and good fortune this Eclipse season as well as key words to your intentions that you wish to set. You will then burn the Bay Leaves in the flames of the candles and let them burn in the cauldron with the herbs. You are welcome to do a Tarot spread before this part of the ritual if you feel you are unclear about what intentions to set. You will want to ask the cards to tell you what you should be focusing on for the next cycle and write down what main themes come across.

    Step 5

    Once you have completed this part of the ritual you will sit in meditation and think about everything you wish to draw to you over the next 6 months. You also may write this down into a letter afterwards and place under your Santa Muerte candle until the candle is done  burning. You then will eat your Chocolate Strawberries and imagine the intentions you set having absorbed into the fruit now nourishing your body.  Once this is done say “ And So it shall be.” Close your circle and thank your guides for blessing your ritual.

    Step 6

    You will let your prayer candles burn all the way down throughout the week until they are done and your spell candles must burn all the way down the night of the ritual. Make note if any of your candles do not burn well and you have to relight them- you may have ungrounded energy that needs working through over this next cycle.  Make sure to record any dreams you have the night of this eclipse and make note if any animals or elements are present in the dream.

    In summary, the main takeaway for this week should be patience in relationships and making space for self care. How can we honor ourselves and allow ourselves to grow within as well as respect the growth of those around us? One of the biggest lessons I have learned from being with my partner for almost 8 years now, is that relationships whether platonic or romantic take a lot of patience and work.  Everyone is always evolving and changing and the more we try to rush the process- the harder the process is. Good things take time, and seeds need to be watered before they can grow.

     Use this New Moon to plant some new seeds, knowing that over the next 6 months you are going to be watering those seeds before you see any sprouts.

    Also, in order for relationships to be healthy, we must water each other. If one person is doing all of the watering on the relationship, the person not receiving any water back will eventually wither and dry out. You must water yourself before you can truly water another, and if the other person is always taking from you, you probably won’t end up having any water to go around at all!


    Be mindful with who you are giving your energy to, and be very strategic about what seeds you plant. If you plant some bad seeds- you may end up with some bad sprouts.

    I wish you all many blessings this Solar Eclipse Season! Happy Chinese New Year!

    ☽Cosmic Lady Six☾

    Analisa Six is an intuitive Tarot Reader and Astrologer who lives with her Husband and two dogs in Oakland, CA. You can book a reading with her by visiting cosmicladysix.com

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