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Posted on January 29 2018


Not once, but twice, in a Blue Moon

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 Happy New Year, Ritual Blog readers! Astrologically we have already had a pretty intense start to the year. And this is just the beginning of what looks like to be a very intense 2018 for us all!  So far we have had very much Capricorn energy driving us forward, while also blocking us on the emotional and creative fronts. Although Pluto and Saturn will remain in Capricorn for a while, we are beginning to move into more airy  energy with our Sun moving into Aquarius  as of yesterday.

Currently our Sun and Venus are now in a conjunction in Aquarius, helping us innovate change in our lives and in the world.

One of the events I am most excited about, and also that I find most special about 2018, is that we have not only one, but two Blue Moons this year.

Quoted from timeanddate.com, There are 2 definitions of a Blue Moon. They are as follows:

Two Definitions of Blue Moon

  1. Seasonal Blue Moon = The third Full Moon in an astronomical season with four Full Moons
  2. (versus the usual three).
  3. Monthly Blue Moon = The second Full Moon in a month with two Full Moons.

(For full article you can go to: https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/moon/blue-moon.html)

The first Blue Moon of the year is January 31st and will be a Total Lunar Eclipse Super Moon only visible to the eye dependant on where you live. The second Blue Moon of the year will be on March 31st at 10 degrees Libra at 5:36 AM PST.

January’s Blue Moon will be in the Zodiac sign of Leo at 11 degrees at 5:28 AM PST  on Wednesday. Other notable transits on this day will be Mercury moving into Aquarius shortly after at 5:40 AM PST. Which will amplify the energy around us needing to speak our truth and have our voices be heard. We could see a lot more activism around the women's movement, as well as more allegations towards sexual offenders. Having Mercury, Venus, and our Sun all in Aquarius will initiate a lot of change on the political front, as well as having Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. A breaking down and restructuring of old structures is taking place in a major way, and women have a lot of power to influence right now.

The Moon will also be conjunct Ceres as well as the true node in Leo on the 31st at 5:28 AM PST, which helps fuel our energy consciousness more into the feminine polarity. If we have been out of sync with our partners, or ourselves, or even women in our own family- this is the time for that energy and healing to be acknowledged and worked through.    There will be an opposition of the Moon in Leo to the Sun and Venus in Aquarius during this transit as well. The exact opposition Between the Moon and Venus taking place at 2:48PM on the 31st could amplify our emotions quite a bit. This is a great time for focusing on healing the inner feminine within us all, including men. A lot of times when we speak of the feminine we automatically think of women, but the feminine is within us all regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

At the very end of the day at 8:59 PM PST we will have the Moon in a Square with Jupiter in Scorpio. This can make our emotions around our beliefs and what we are doing in the world feel tense. We may need to spend some time brainstorming creative ways of pushing our energy forward into new arenas of our lives in order to feel more in line with our values.

Blue Moons serve the function of Full Moon rituals. And there is no better time to let go of things we do not want to bring into the next cycle like having a Blue Moon on the 31st of the month.

Because this Moon is in Leo, and so focused around what is happening within the feminine consciousness, our personal relationships and activism happening in our nation, this months ritual will be focused on releasing fear and blockages around speaking and living your personal truth as well as self love practices.

Energy to watch out for with the Moon in Leo is a likelihood to be a bit overly dramatic and self centered when it comes to our feelings and sharing our emotions. We could be overly sensitive in an unreasonable way and not quite self aware of why we are feeling so extreme about our feelings. This would be a good day to focus on self care, maybe stay home and do something creative, or spend time with your partner loving on each other and not having much expectations around getting things done on the material front. Reading a good book, writing a song, drawing, writing, or just watching a movie and napping all day might be good ways of tempering the intense energy.



  • Leo and Aquarius Zodiac Candles
  • Blue, White, and Black spell candles- 1 of each
  • Leo herb- Sunflower
  • Aquarius Herb- Lavender
  • Leo Stone - Carnelian
  • Aquarius Stone: Amethyst
  • Myrrh Incense
  • Fire and Air energy oil
  • Black Cauldron or burn bowl
  • Goblet of florida or rain water
  • Fresh flowers for Altar - Poppies, Roses, or Sunflowers
  • Mirror
  • Lipstick to write on the mirror
  • Piece of Paper and pen
  • Sage or Palo Santo


Step 1:

Take an herbal bath however you choose- you can create an herbal mix or buy one at a witch shop , like the Violet and Poppy Crystal visions bath soak here: https://ritualritual.com/collections/bath/products/violet-poppy-crystal-visions-bath-soak (Violet and Poppy are perfect herbs for this Blue Moon.) When you get out of the bath put on something special to do your spellwork in- something that makes you feel beautiful. Feel free to get as done up as you want, or keep yourself as clean as you want. Anoint yourself with your oils.

Step 2:

Set up your Altar and make sure you have all of your supplies. Light your Incense and Sage or Palo Santo your space to clear out all energy. Sage yourself and imagine yourself clearing out any negative feelings you have. You are welcome to do this in your bathroom during your bath or shower as well.

Step 3:

Light your candles, cast your circle, and meditate for 10 minutes. During your meditation you will ask for guidance from your spirit guides in asking what you need to let go of in order to find wholeness within yourself in this next cycle.

You will want to take note of any visions or voices that speak to you during this meditation and record what they tell you.

Step 4:

Do the Tarot reading included with this spell and write down what it tells you. You will make two lists on separate paper. One list will be everything you wish to let go of, the other list will be a list of things you are grateful for and everything you love about yourself and your life.

Step 5:

Take your “let go” list and light in on fire in the flame of the black candle and put in cauldron to burn out. You will then cleanse your hands in your florida or rain water.

Step 6:

Take your “self love” letter and place it underneath the Aquarius and Leo Zodiac candles.

You will let your candles burn all the way down until done.

Step 7:
Close your circle, thank your spirit guides and deities and say “so mote it be.”

Once your spell is finished you may want to collect your crystals, jewelry and stones to put under the moon for charging. This is highly recommended.

As we end the first month of the year, it is important for us all to remember that with every wish that gets answered, more challenges and lessons await. We have a tendency as humans to get what we want and only be satisfied with what we have for a short period of time. It is in our nature to want to elevate and push forward, but pushing forward can create false sense of emptiness in our lives.

 As you prepare for 2018 and set your intentions, try to welcome in the unexpected lessons big or small. We are all here to be tested, and most of us wouldn’t be content without something to fight for or achieve. At anytime you can find peace and tranquility and accept that who you are right now today, is enough.

Blessed be,
Cosmic Lady Six

Analisa Six is an intuitive Tarot Reader, Astrologer, and Witch. She lives in Oakland, California with her 2 dogs and husband. Took book a reading visit ww.cosmicladysix.com

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