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Posted on November 20 2019



Holiday shopping is made easy these days thanks to department store's competitive pricing and the convenience of the internet. But do these mass-produced, one-size-fits-all gifts really feel fulfilling...or even responsible? 

A rediscovery of the importance of handmade objects has become more and more prominent in the current consumer market & for good reason. Supporting small, local businesses (especially during the holidays) is pertinent to the health of one's local economy as well as to the growth & cultivation of one's community. It's a movement that (naturally) we are passionate about!

Ritual Shoppe has been a part of the Philadelphia retail & DYI landscape since 2011, providing space for artists & makers alike to showcase their work and expand their sense of community. This November we wanted to put an emphasis on the value of shopping small during the holiday season, so we decided to meet up with two of our favorite Philadelphia-based creative brands, Supra Endura & Forge & Finish, to talk about what Small Business Saturday means to them....


Supra Endura

Why is shopping local important to you?

Supra Endura: I know both hard and rewarding it is to run a business, when I see friend in the community creating things I want to help support. I also find that independent brands have such unique products that it is great getting something that is so one of a kind.

Forge & Finish: We’ve seen the results of a thriving local economy both personally and professionally. All those cute little shops you walk by on your way home.. aren’t they nice? Well they are only possible by an equally strong local shopping community. That corner store that carries your favorite small batch chocolate or the guy who makes the most delicious hoagie you ever had, these are local treasures. They are ours and for us to share with visitors and friends. It’s the store where the cashier is also your neighbor and asks how you’re doing today. It’s comforting & wonderful.


Forge & Finish


What are your go-to Philly shops/markets for local holiday shopping?

SE: For markets I love Fleisher Handmade on Dec 7th  and I am also really excited to both be a part of and check out Vicarious Love On November 24th. For shopping, I love: Cuttalossa, Moon and Arrow, Vestige, Vagabond, Field, Omoi Zakka Shop and of course Ritual Shoppe.

FF: This year we are participating in holiday markets with Fleisher Art Memorial, Art Star Craft Bazaar, Crafty Balboa, The Waldorf School of Philadelphia, as well as, an exciting new endeavor Original Object: a month long boutique in Fishtown. We are also super into the retail/art hybrid experience called Vicarious Love. The vibe is bold, colorful, and really bursting with up-and-coming creatives. 

Shopping: Vagabond, Ritual Shoppe, Downerss, Weaver’s Way Mercantile, Bus Stop Boutique, Kamihira, STUMP, Lobo Mau. 



Give a shout-out to 3 of your favorite Philly-based brands/artists...

SE: ... Oh man... if I can only choose three... I will have to go with: Lobo Mau, Voloshin and Gabrielle Silverlight.

FF: There are three of us so we have a lot of favorites, and we often work with these brands. It’s more than just the product for us. To name a few we are particularly vibing with right now: Kamihira, Riverside Tool & Dye, and Steph Trowbridge.


About Supra Endura

Gabrielle Mandel started Supra Endura in 2013. She wanted to create a unique collection of one-of-a-kind prints. She loved the idea that for every item sold she would donate a portion back to non-profits that were centered around social justice issues. In 2018 she launched her podcast: Supra Endura Creative conversations, chronicling the creative journey of entrepreneurs she knew and admired. She currently lives and works in West Philadelphia creating art and accessories.


About Forge & Finish

Forge & Finish is a women-owned and operated modern metal jewelry company. Their Philadelphia based brand produces small batch collections using traditional and experimental metal smithing techniques. Handmade pieces range from distinctive designs highlighting signature textures, mixed metals, and original silhouettes to low-key basics.

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