New Moon in Scorpio: Embracing self love through the Night of Hecate

  On November 18th we will be having our New Moon in Scorpio at 26 degrees. Because the height of the New Moon hits us on the West Coast at 3:42 AM PST, and 6:42 AM EST we may not be awake for the more intense period of the following transits. The Moon will conjunct the Sun in Scorpio at 26 degrees, as well as a Semi-Sextile between the Moon and Sun in Scorpio to Saturn in Sagittarius. This energy will bring our ego and emotional selves together, as well as issues around identity and the previous roadblocks or barriers around our self identifying beliefs. This is really a time for us to bring what is within up to the surface and work through some real issues. If we try to suppress this energy during the build up of this transit, we could see some major emotional breakdowns happening. This is going to be a really impactful night in regards to us being open to our dreams and what they are trying to communicate with us. Not only this but  Venus, Vesta and Jupiter will all be in Scorpio at this time as well, which means our perception of self worth, image, and how we are feeling sexually could also come to surface.

There are many rituals in November that have been recognized by different cultures throughout the ages. November was originally looked at as the 9th month of the year, but also the first month of the year after Samhain in Celtic celebration. November was an ending and a beginning and represented the time where we celebrate transformation of the self.

November 16th is recognized at “the Night of Hecate.” The significance of this day, falling  two days before our New Moon in Scorpio, can be recognized as a good time to begin preparing for your New Moon ritual.

 Hecate is recognized as the Goddess of Witches. She is the triple goddess and embodies the Crone phase of the Moon which is in line with the New Moon, the Dark Moon.


        The significance of bringing Hecate wisdom into our lives is realized when we begin doing real shadow work. She speaks to us through dreams, and when we honor her, we tend to see ourselves becoming closer to the deep soul energy we long to understand. She is here with us to bring us closer to that energy.

 Hecate wants us to be ok with the death of the self, the death of the ego as we know it. Not because we are not supposed to feel the fire or passion around the ego- but because we are supposed to be ok with the transformation of the ego, we are not supposed to stay in one place forever. Hecate wants us to question everything, to feel everything, to destroy everything, and create everything. She wants us to follow the cyclic nature of the universe, embrace it, and become one with it.

 If you are having dreams of dying or people trying to kill you, this is Hecate telling you it is time to let yourself die. Let go of fear, and die in your dream. Once you allow yourself to die in your dream, you have been initiated on your first step of your journey. It is only when we have learned to die, and be reborn in our dreams that we can effectively heal and understand the wisdom of the universe and all of it’s incarnations taking place.

I have died in my dreams quite a bit, and through each death I learn something new about myself and the way the energy within myself and outside of myself works. While it can seem scary at first, you build courage and bravery through this experience, and it can help you conquer fears in your waking life.

This New Moon in Scorpio will be a significant one around all issues of self worth, self love, and how we love others. It will also bring up issues around fear of losing the self we have known up until this point. We may be feeling this urge to completely let go of the past, but we may still be holding onto it out of fear of losing a comfortable feeling we have known for too long.  Letting go of this fear and moving into the next chapter is what Hecate, and this New Moon wants for us. Those who resist change during this transit will experience negative emotional breakdowns and run the risk of being a abusive to others and to themselves.

It will be important that anyone emotionally unstable during this time seek proper guidance and counsel from a trusted person or source to help uncover the root of the problems in a healthy way. Anyone who struggles from substance abuse when emotionally down should avoid consumption of drugs or alcohol during this transit.

To heighten the energy of our spell work for the New Moon, we will want to begin our ritual on The Night of Hecate on the 16th, and extend it through the 18th of the New Moon.

The intentions to set around a New Moon always have to do with manifestation. The New Moon is about us asking for what we want to bring into the next cycle, as well as what we want to work on.

 I feel that because of the astrological energy around this New Moon, rituals around self love and unblocking of negative energies or self doubting energies would be a intention to set for your ritual.

 I would like to focus on the energy of Venus, Vesta, Jupiter, and the Sun and Moon all being in Scorpio and how we can use this New Moon to ask for us to shed old thought patterns that are not serving us, and to bring more self love into our lives.

I am going to share with you all a self love ritual I have created for this occasion to do for this New Moon season, as well as how to combine this with your Night of Hecate ritual that you should be starting on the 16th.

The Night of Hecate begins on Thursday November 16th. With Jupiter being the ruling planet of Thursday, and being in the sign of Scorpio, this is a great day to create an Altar with offerings to Hecate to get our love spell in order. This love spell will be around self love, but if you are interested in bringing more love into your life as in- a lover, I will add some instructions on how to do that as well.

  Because Friday is the day of Venus, and Venus is the planet of love, harmony, and beauty, you will want to begin the spell for Love on Friday the 17th and extend the candle work overnight into the 18th with the New Moon.

Here we will be combining all of the Planets in Scorpio that hold great significance over this 3 day period- Jupiter, Venus, the Sun and the Moon. Because Saturn rules Saturday and will be in Sagittarius on Saturday the 18th we will also want to acknowledge Saturn's influence over this transit. Which will be significant as on Saturday, Saturn will be at 26 degrees and forming a semi-sextile with the Moon and the Sun also in Scorpio. Like I said before- most of us will be asleep during this transit, but it will leave an impression none the less and can create some blockages to our self worth or expression for the remaining hours of the day.


 Night of Hecate Ritual with Self Love New Moon Ritual

Altar Settings and Supplies for Hecate Altar and Love Spell:

  • Red Apples
  • Venus or Rose scented Incense
  • Rose Quartz, Desert Rose/Gypsum
  • Black Candles
  • Red Candles
  • White Candles
  • Florida water or blessed water
  • Santa Muerte Red Prayer Candle
  • Hummingbird or Love Prayer Candle
  • Fresh Roses
  • Bath Salts with Hecate and Rose infused Oils, Venus oil or Empress Oil works as well
  • Basil
  • Mullien
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Bay leaves
  • Lingerie- or clothing that you feel connected sexually to the self with.
  • Paper and Pen
  • Pentagram
  • Chalice
  • Burn bowl- Cauldron
  • Tarot Cards

Thursday November 16th Night of Hecate Ritual

The Night of Hecate Ritual will be focused on honoring Hecate. We will not be asking Hecate for anything on this night. We will just be thanking her for her wisdom and guidance and providing her with the Altar.

Prepare an Altar on November 16th using the following from the supplies:

  • Red Santa Muerte Candle
  •   Cauldron
  •    Black Candles
  •    Red Apples
  •    Roses
  • Bay leaves

You can also add offerings to Hecate such as Pomegranate, bones, feathers, hair of the dog, and additional candles and crystals.


Step 1:  Set up your altar to your liking.

Step 2:  The apples should be cut in halves that show the pentagram- star in the center of the apple- you can also carve or hollow out the center and use the apples as candle holders for the black candles.

(You are using the black candles to honor the shadow realms, but also to banish negativity and self doubt or evil energies that may be blocking you from connection to Hecate wisdom.

 The red Santa Muerte candle is the first part of your love ritual, where we are honoring Hecate, but beginning the blessing of Love into our hearts and our lives through the shadow aspect of ourselves. This is the first step to self acceptance- accepting ourselves for our whole selves, even the parts we do not like. )

Step 3 : Sage your space beforehand and imagine white light cleansing the space of impurities.

 Light your incense and candles.

Write blessing you wish to burn on bay leaf.

Cast your circle and say the following invocation, or if you have one you would like to prepare for Hecate yourself, you can use that one.

  Dark Goddess, she who rules the moon, underworld, wisdom, death, life, and birth,

    Thank you for your guidance and protection.

     Thank you for your wisdom on this journey and for allowing me to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of my own mind.

Thank you for whispering to me and leading me through dreams to my true destiny.

 On this night I honor you and provide you with these offerings in hopes that you will continue to bless those here who are doing the work of the shadows. Help guide me to work past my own fears and blockages that prevent me from truly connecting to you and my own dark goddess nature. Help me realize my divine connection to the universe through self love and acceptance. Please take my offering as a pledge to continue to work on myself for the better of all living and spiritual beings.

     Blessed be, Amen

Step 4: Once you have done this invocation, it will be important to do the Night of Hecate Tarot spread I have included in this post. Here you will want to record the message from Hecate she has for you, as this will help guide you in what needs to be unlocked for you to reach true self love and happiness in your life.

Step 5: After you have done the Tarot reading you will want to write down a list of the things you wish to unblock that Hecate has guided you with. This list will be burned in your cauldron after you have written it. You will do a 10 minute meditation after this as you imagine these things blocking you leaving your mind and body from your root chakra up through your head. You will want to envision blue and white light coming through and clearing out all of the dark energy that is preventing you from achieving self love or self worth.

  After this meditation you will want to journal anything that happened.

You also will want to record any dreams you have that night as they will be continued messages from Hecate.

Step 6: You may burn your bay leaf blessing in a burn bowl using the flame of the fire from the white and red candle. Make sure to close your circle after your black candles have burned completely out. You can leave the Santa Muerte candle burning throughout this whole 3 day ritual or you can put it out and relight it for safety reasons. It is said it is best to leave it burning, but its also best not to let your house burn down.

Friday November 17th, Venus in Scorpio Self Love Ritual

Using your Hecate Altar from the night before, you are going to build a Self Love altar in addition to your Hecate Altar- you can combine them into one large altar or have a separate area with your Self Love Altar- either way you will want both Altars going.

The Self Love Altar will include the following from your supplies:

  • Venus or Rose scented Incense
  • Rose Quartz, Desert Rose/Gypsum
  • Red Candles
  • White Candles
  • Santa Muerte Red Prayer Candle
  • Hummingbird or Love Prayer Candle
  • Fresh Roses
  • Basil
  • Mullien
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Bay Leaf with blessing written on it
  • Pentagram
  • Chalice filled with Florida Water
  • Burn bowl- Cauldron
  • Music that makes you feel love- anything that pulls at your heart strings or makes you feel passionate about love in a romantic way. I love using George Harrison's “ All things must pass” record for love spells. Sade is another good one.


Step 1: Take a bath using your bath salts, rose petals, and oils. You can use your crystals to charge the water.

Step 2: After the bath you will want to anoint yourself with Rose oil and or Venus/Empress oil.

Step 3: Put on lingerie, underwear, or clothing that makes you feel romantic or attractive. This can be a dress or outfit you feel at your most beautiful and sexual self. You can also choose to do this ritual naked if that would make you feel more in touch with yourself in a loving way.

Step 4: Put on music for the ritual that you have chosen and Light  your candles on Altar and Light incense- make sure to have incense not directly on the altar- it is best to have it somewhere else and just filling up the room.

Step 5: Cast Circle and a Triangle within the circle. You will want to say an invocation to Venus or Aphrodite, goddess of Love. You can write your own invocation or you can use this one:

   Venus, Aphrodite, Goddess of beauty and love,

 Tonight I honor you and ask for your blessing in love.

  I wish to bring more love into my life, through accepting and loving myself, as well as drawing love and attraction from others.

 I ask for your blessing and guidance in opening my heart and removing blockages and barriers from allowing love into my life.

Thank you for your blessing.

Blessed be, Amen

If you are doing a love spell focused on attracting a partner, you will want to include that in the invocation to Venus and ask for Venus to bring your soulmate or a lover into your life at this time. You will also want to write the name of the lover you wish to attract into your life on a bay leaf to burn in your cauldron if you have a specific person in mind you are trying to build a closer relationship with.

Step 6: Do the Tarot reading I included about what you need to focus on healing within yourself to bring more self love, acceptance, and love from others into your life.

Step 7: Once you have received your guidance from the Tarot reading, write down on a piece of paper anointed with the Rose or Venus oil, a letter of self love- write down everything you love about yourself, and what you wish to attract into your life. If you are wishing for a lover or a partner in love, you will want to write down all of the qualities about that person that you wish to bring into your life.

Step 8: Once you have done this letter, you will want to put your herbs into the paper and wrap them up. Set the paper with the herbs inside on fire in your cauldron and let burn until it is just ashes. - Make sure to take note of how it burns. If the paper does not burn fast or the flame is not large and you have to relight the paper multiple times- this is a sign that the spell may not be effective for you at this time and you may have to do it again when you have less blocking you. Love spells tend to work the best when we are fully ready to accept love into our lives, if we are having a hard time during the spell this could be a sign that there is more work to be done and that Venus is not blessing the ritual. This is also where you would burn your bay leaf blessing.

Step 9:  Do a meditation and focus on your heart chakra opening, imagine love coming up and through you, filling your heart, tell yourself all of the things you longed to hear from a partner or from your family. Tell yourself you love yourself for all of yourself.

Step 10: Once you have finished your meditation, allow all of your white and red candles to burn out and you can close your circle. You will want to keep your Santa Muerte and Love Prayer candles burning as long as you can and into the next day, but can put out and relight if need be.

Make sure to record any dreams that night.

Saturday November 18th, New Moon in Scorpio ritual

This ritual will be an extension of the first two rituals, You will take another bath, as well as re light any candles that need to be lit.

Step 1: This time you will open your circle with just a circle and invoke the Dark Goddess and Hecate again as well as making a nod to Saturn.

Step 2: Make sure once you have opened your circle, you will do the New Moon in Scorpio Tarot reading I have provided. Write down any notes that you have on the last 3 days and write down similarities that come up for you with the Tarot readings.

Step 3: Then you will write a letter of everything you wish to manifest for this next Waxing cycle based around the Tarot reading guidance and the rituals of the previous 2 nights.

You will take this letter and this time you will put it under the Santa Muerte, or Love prayer candle.

Step 4: Close your circle, and allow the candles to burn until they are out- this may take a few days of burning the prayer candles if they are 7 day candles.

Your 3 days of spell work should leave a lasting impression in your life and you should see the effects over the next 28 days. It will be important that you keep track of all dreams during and after these rituals.

I hope and wish the best of luck for you during this spell, and may love be abundant in your life.

Blessed be,

Cosmic Lady Six

Analisa Six is an intuitive Tarot Reader and Astrologer in Oakland, CA. To book a reading visit



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