Here is your New Moon Tarot Spread!
What the placements represent:
Today we have a new moon, a new moon is when the moon and sun are in the same sign and degree. The moon has waned completely and is going to start rebuilding towards a full moon. Both moon and sun are in Aries, this is the first sign of the Zodiac. It is represented by the Ram and is a fire sign. Coinciding with springtime, this is a time of new, exciting energy that can be directed in the most fruitful of ways, if you desire to.
For Card 1 (Where we are at right now) is the 6 of swords.
This card shows us leaving something behind, we are in transition into the new and the now and we can't bring certain things with us. This could be self doubt, a job, a relationship etc. Something we subconsciously know is holding us back from expanding and from living our highest truths. The FOUNTAIN TAROT deck shows very beautifully this character in a boat leaving. We are like this character as we must sail on in order to move forward and progress. We need to draw on a state of mental clarity and focus in order to get to this new place.
For Card 2 (What is blocking us/ What we need to leave behind) we have The Devil.
The Devil card represents our fears, bondages, all the negative sides of the material world. This card is a self imposed mental block as we are free to remove the chains of these mental binds once we realize the key is in our own hands. He often represents addictions as well, bad habits of excess that lead us into confusion and illusion. Leaving these tendencies behind will aid us in the new astrological year to manifest our Highest desires.
Card 3 (Our Intentions we should set in order to grow) We have *my favorite card* The Magician.
The Magician represents power, skill, focus and concentration. This card usually appears at a turning point in your life when something new is about to occur, ushering in confirmation that this new opportunity will present itself to you. This is a reminder that you can manifest your desires and that the Universe is on your side, all you need to do is stay focused on the path and all will fall into place, probably better than you imagined.
Card 4 ( The knowledge necessary to gain in order to grow) Is Justice.
The Justice card is all about fairness and honesty. You have what you deserve and in order to grow we must honor the laws of karma. This card represents a conscious awareness that your decisions and actions have a long term effect on your life. As we move forward with this new astrological year, remember to act with honesty and fairness to everyone and everything around you. This card also comes up at times in need of meditation and reflection, if you do find that you are at a very serious new venture take some time within yourself to find the balance needed in order to make the most of this new year. Self knowledge is the highest knowledge.
Card 5 (What positive outcome from this cycle) is The Chariot
The Chariot represents victory. The description places so much emphasis on victory of our goals as long as we maintain focus and determination. For this cycle we need lazer-like focus in order to get into the race and triumph. The Chariot requires you to assert yourself and be bold. Decide what you want and GO FOR IT. This card takes the emotion of aggression and asks that you re-channel it into something creative, be the master of your emotions and of your life.
Since we are at a new moon in fiery impulsive Aries, physical activity, cleansing, and meditation combined with creative outlets are highly recommended in order to gain clarity over situations at hand.
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    This reading actually helped me, Angela

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