Hi angels! Erin from TBH Magic back again and today we’re talking all things MARS


On September 9th, Mars, The God of War, will go retrograde until November 13th.


Mars Retrograde happens every other year for about two months at a time. I hesitate to ever call anything “bad” in astrology...but despite hailing from the south, I’m not going to sugarcoat this one for you: Mars Retrograde is known for being really tough. The silver lining here is perhaps that it’s not a “new” thing, because we traverse this realm every other year...just never at a time so heightened as this one. 


Mars is responsible for our drive. It’s our energy. It’s our ACTION. It’s our raw desire. When that energy is retrograde, or appears to be moving backwards through the sky, our enthusiasm is stunted.


We’ll be more on edge than ever for the remainder of this year (yes...it’s somehow still possible!) with our deepest fears and stressors being exacerbated by this retrograde. We’ll not be able to move through the world with as much gumption as usual; we’ll be forced to go about things in a different way.


And we’ll be very, very tired.


Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries, so if you’re familiar with your birth chart, find which house Aries rules. This house is where you typically experience lots of forward momentum and excitement, but where you will likely experience some intense challenges over the impending months.

If Aries rules your Fourth House, for example, you could expect some discord amongst your family this fall. In the Seventh House, Mars Retrograde will have your one-on-one relationship dynamics up for review.


Carnelian is the ultimate crystal to embody Mars energy! But as always, trust your own intuition
and if a different crystal feels more appropriate for the retrograde, use what speaks to you.


I've outlined what to expect for each Mars sign below, as well as interspersed some of my FAV Ritual Shoppe products to help counteract this difficult Mars Retrograde energy.


Aries Mars

Nothing happens fast enough for the Mars in Aries person. Your motto is: “I CAN DO THAT!” And yes, that’s in all caps. You have a gumption that many lack and some are intimidated by! Because your Mars is in the sign that the planet is retrograding in...you will feel it deeply. You might notice a marked lack of your typical enthusiasm for new projects. Let this be a time to rest and reset (something that is very rare for you!).



Taurus Mars

Taurus might not be the first to finish, but they’re running the longest race imaginable. The Mars in Taurus person is in it for the long haul. Stubbornness is definitely at play here and if they’re upset, forget about getting them to change their mind and move on quickly. With Mars in retrograde, expect to deliberate on decisions even longer than usual! 


Gemini Mars

Wait, what did you say? The Mars in Gemini person can hardly get their words out fast enough. And if you’re in an argument with one? Forget about it! They have the power of Mercury behind them and will be able to cut deeply with their words. With Mars in retrograde, they might not feel as quick to the draw. The "Inquire Within" Oracle Deck is a great tool to lean on when the words might not flow as easily as usual.



Cancer Mars

Cuddle time! While Mars is naturally ruled by Aries so it’s inherently a fiery planet, when it’s in Cancer in your birth chart...you’re truly a lover not a fighter! Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is extremely empathetic, and sensitive! When undisturbed, this is definitely a person you want on your team. They are the ultimate nurturers. If you’re pushed too far though...they will revert into their protective shell.


Leo Mars

Lights, camera, ACTION! If your Mars is in Leo, you’re performative in your expression. Drama is the name of the game...and you’re always ready to play! There’s a big focus on the ego with this placement, so with Mars in retrograde, expect to feel quieter than usual in your expression. You'll definitely be more on edge than normal, so take the time to decompress with this Palo Santo Monk Oil



Virgo Mars

Found a typo! The Virgo Mars person brings an absolutely critical eye to any argument. Like Mars in Gemini, the power of Mercury is at work here. There’s also a big “helper” attitude with this placement. With Mars retrograde, try to spend some time working on yourself rather than other people.


Libra Mars

If your Mars is in Libra, you would make an amazing litigator. You naturally see both sides of every argument and are bound to lobby for the underdog or in the least play devil’s advocate. You strive for balance in all your actions. With Mars in retrograde, it might be harder for you to find that elusive balance. That’s ok! Practice leaning into your own version of the story...and a cute notebook to help do so never hurt your Venus ruled sign!



Scorpio Mars

You are the holder of everyone’s secrets and aren’t afraid to unleash them if provoked! This is an intense placement for Mars because of the intense passion already associated with the planet...coupled with the power of Pluto. When faced with adversity, the Scorpio Mars person will cling TIGHTLY to their beliefs and probably be able to win any argument they decide to enter. Opponents, beware! 


Sagittarius Mars

The Sagittarius Mars is the definition of a flight risk! The positives of having your Mars in Sagittarius include liking to keep things moving and being open to learning...so you can hear other people’s views. The flip side of that, though, is not being able to sit still long enough to hear them! Mars retrograde just might be the time for you to explore that inclination to run.




Capricorn Mars

Let’s get down to business! If your Mars is in Capricorn, you’re not one to mince words. You are motivated by money and the end game is typically more important to you than the journey. This can cause friction with others who have a more lackadaisical approach (Mars in Pisces, for example!) so use the retrograde to take it a bit easier than normal. Your coworkers will thank you!


Aquarius Mars

Aquarius is interested in the furtherance of humanity. And with your Mars in Aquarius, that’s what your physical actions will center around. Think about building places where people can connect and discuss new ideas about the future. There is strength, and inspiration, in numbers with this placement! While Mars is retrograde though, you might not be building as swiftly. Take a bath, and meditate on what grand structures you plan to erect when Mars is more supportive. 




Pisces Mars

Pisces are, in simple terms, not from here! There’s an “otherness” to all Pisces placements because they rule the 12th house, which is our collective unconscious. With Pisces ruling your Mars, direct action is never the motto. You’re about feelings, feelings, feelings! Pay attention to your dreams during this retrograde cycle...they are bound to have something to tell you.


Mars Retrograde, and 2020 as a whole, is not easy...but it’s definitely an opportunity for growth.


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