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Posted on September 04 2020



This week we caught up with Zamarys Rivera, the artist behind Stories Home Candles - one of our favorite products currently in the shop! Zamarys Rivera is a Puerto Rican candle designer and blogger based out of Philadelphia, PA.


Can you introduce yourself for us - who you are, where you’re from, what you do & your zodiac sign?

"My name is Zamarys Rivera. I am a 28 year old Puerto Rican native born and raised in North Philadelphia. By day, I work for the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania but my passion project is making hand crafted and hand poured candles that are as unique and architecturally designed as the earth's finest rock and stones. My zodiac sign is a Leo...and if you know me, you would know how much of that just makes sense haha"


How did you get your start in candle making?

"The idea came to me one winter night while I was lying on my mom's couch asking myself, 'Who do i want to be and how can I impact the world using my story?'. I started to think of things that I am passionate about and art and design, as well as candles, came up on my list. I thought, how can I mesh the two? I started doing research on candles and used my knowledge I had on design and thought it would be brilliant if I made the candle of my dreams. And that's how Stories Home Candles was born. Next, I researched about waxes, packaging, fragrances etc. Stories Home Candles has an affinity for design, art, beauty and most importantly, serving a bigger purpose."


How and where do you find inspiration?

"I find inspiration from everywhere I go and every experience I have/have had. My candles are influenced from earth's natural textures, culture, and different moments in history which is reflected in its design down to the fragrances and naming of the candles."



What’s your favorite part about the candle making process?

"My favorite part of the candle making process is experimenting with the chemistry of fragrance mixing."


Who are some other artists/designers/brands you look up to?

"I look up to @Stellasimona of Haati Chai, @JosefineHJ of 79hour, Zara Home, Architects featured in Architectural Digest and many many more."


Any words of wisdom for fellow makers or peers looking to get their business off the ground?

"My advice would be, 'preparation meets opportunity'. Work smarter not harder and love what you’re doing and let it drive you to be the best version of yourself. The rest will follow."



What is a dream project/goal for you?

"A dream goal for me is to one day have my candles in stores all over the world, move to Puerto Rico, and become a model/actress. Two totally different worlds but work for me haha"


Your top 3 Ritual Shoppe product picks:

Yin Yang Blue Plant Scarf, Palo Santo Incense Bundle, Palma Baroque Pearl Earrings


You can shop our offerings of Stories Home Candles here!

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