Honoring our Harvest New Moon in Virgo with Ritual, Tarot, and Intention

On September 20th we will be having our beautiful New Moon in Virgo at 5:31AM Universal Time at 27 degrees. This New Moon is significant for many reasons as it falls just a few days within our autumn equinox which happens on Friday September 22nd. In Pagan tradition, the autumn equinox is celebrated through a ritual called Mabon, which is the mid-harvest festival. Its purpose is to honor the change of seasons, and to celebrate the coming of the second harvest. It is also a time to give thanks to the earth and spirits for the food, or bounty we have in our lives.
In modern society we often take for granted the ease of going to go to the grocery store at any time to buy fruits and vegetables that would not normally be in season if we were growing our own food. However, in ancient times, and still currently today, many cultures have different parts of the year where they stop and give gratitude for what the earth provides. Regardless of your religious and scientific beliefs, we know that living life in a place of gratitude brings positivity and love into the heart.
Through ritual we become closer to the spirit or consciousness that unites us all,  allowing us to stop and think about the process that goes into growing, harvesting, and getting foods to our tables.Through this New Moon in Virgo, I want to share a Mabon ritual that you can customize to your own liking to honor this year’s autumn equinox and give thanks to the farmers, institutions, scientists, and indigenous peoples that protect our land and provide us with food year round.


For those who are new to Moon Magick


The New Moon is the Dark Moon phase when the Moon is not visible in the sky. In esoteric practice, the Dark Moon is looked at as the time the Moon has “died” so that it can be reborn in the next phase called the waxing cycle. The “death” and “birth” of the Moon is looked at as a symbol for the cycle of all life here on this earth. Through death - whether literal or metaphorical - we can expect new life, and fresh energy. The New Moon is looked at as the time when it is best to set your intentions for the next cycle, where in the waxing cycle the Moon begins to grow, and here is where our energy will be best served to put new things into motion. 
During the New Moon it is great to put out your intentions on paper and tell the universe what you hope to manifest in your life. Because this New Moon falls right before the Equinox, and its presence in the sign of Virgo, I want to use this New Moon energy to stop and recognize where we can ask to have our intentions best used for the good of all humans and mankind. We tend to want to manifest more for ourselves, but the energy here is asking us to think more about being of service to others. 
Virgo has meaning that ties in well with these rituals. The Virgo sign in astrology is associated with the Roman goddess Ceres, who is associated with harvest. In Greek mythology she is Demeter, and in Egyptian mythology she is Isis
Virgo, in many ways, is a symbol of the goddess that rules the earth. She is everything associated with being self sufficient, individualistic and motherly. Virgo rules the 6th house in astrology which is the house of healing, and public service. It is here in the chart where we see how we will be of service to others and where our ability to heal ourselves as well as others plays out. 


Because Virgo has a strong association with the body and healing, this energy will be best used to also focus on our own bodies and our connections to mother earth.



Here are some area’s we can focus on in our lives that are great for

this New Moon in Virgo energy:

* Body and Health
* Finances
* Home and Family
* Order and Structure ( whether it be in the home or at our jobs.)
* Plants and Animals
* Healing others
*Volunteer work or donating time/money to organizations 




 Harvest New Moon in Virgo and Mabon Ritual 



  • Green, Blue, and Yellow candles 
  • Healing Prayer Candle, Virgo Prayer Candle
  • Dirt, or a yard that has dirt easily accessible to you
  • Rice
  • Essential Oil blend of your choosing- I am using Isis oil and an Earth blend oil. Scents you can use for this are bergamot and gardenia. 
  • Herbs: Fennel, Copal, Rye, Wheat, Valerian
  • Stones: Citrine and Pyrite 
  • Plants: Any flowers or autumn appropriate plants for altar, you can pick whatever suits you
  • Incense: I will be using a Mercury incense as it rules Virgo. 
  • Tarot Cards
  • Apple
  • Paper and pen





Always take a shower before any ritual. I include a ritual bath before my practice, but with this ritual you will first begin by either taking a bowl of dirt, or going out into your yard and putting your feet into the dirt barefoot. A dirt bath for your feet!



This allows you to feel the earth on your body. As you feel the dirt on your feet, close your eyes and imagine yourself growing like a plant up out of the soil. Imagine the life of a plant. At first it is a seed, that slowly grows and fights its way up out of the soil before it comes out of the ground. Not all seeds make it, not all plants survive, but some do. Thank mother earth or what ever deity you are using in your ritual for making this possible. You are like the seed that grows up out of the earth. Once you have given yourself an adequate spiritual bath in the earth. Move yourself to your altar.


( I am not including instructions on how to set up your altar, but if you are not familiar with a basic altar feel free to reach out to me for any questions.) 



Set up your plants and candles on your altar - make it look festive. You can add autumn like foods as well like corn, squash, or pumpkin. I like to have feathers I find out in nature as a part of my altar and things from my garden or plants in my home occasionally if I am making an altar dedicated to the earth. 



Before you cast your circle or do any work, you will want to carve a hole out of the middle of your apple so that you can place one of your candles in the center of the apple, this apple will be in the middle of your candles and a part of your altar. I fill my apple with rice or a grain if the candle is too small the apple. Rice is a great thing to use during the Autumn Equinox on your altar as it is a grain which is an easy thing to use to represent the harvest and fertility we are embracing at this time. 





Once you have set up your altar, your first step of this ritual will be to cast your circle and light your candles and incense, and anoint yourself with your oils. You can burn the oils too in an oil diffuser . Casting your circle entails drawing a circle with a wand, or crystal, or dagger and saying aloud that a circle of white protective light is being cast for the practice of spell or ritual work. Each Witch typically has their own way of casting this circle, whether you do a full meditation to the 4 directions, or draw a circle in the air, or do a circle of salt around your altar, you can cast however you wish. Facing East for any ritual is customary when doing basic spell work. 



Once I have cast my circle, I like starting my ritual with a prayer or meditation. Here you can make up your own or you can use this one that I have created:


Dark Moon Goddess,
I come to you on this night to give thanks for the shelter, food, and health that I have at this time.
I provide these offerings to honor you and thank you for watching over all life.
I ask you to guide me to be a better human for Mother Earth and the plants, animals, and other people who I share this experience with.
I ask you to remove all pain from my body, mind, and spirit, so that I may be of better service to the world.


In this time of political and environmental upheaval, I ask that you bless us with safety and peace. 

 I acknowledge through death comes rebirth, and I ask that through this rebirth we become a more unified people and that any suffering we have endured brings us closer together in this next cycle.




After you have done your prayer or meditation do the Tarot spread that I have provided. This Tarot spread allows you to see where the goddess or Moon energy is asking you to be of better service to all of humanity and life on this planet.



Once you have done this Tarot reading, take the guidance  you have been given, and write down on paper what intentions you wish to set for this next cycle. You may ask for the universe to help you become healthier in your day to day choices, or to help give you the extra push you need to get your finances in order. You may ask for those suffering from natural disasters to find shelter and help. You may ask that over this next cycle you take more time to focus on exercising or connecting to your body in a healthier way.



After writing your intentions on your piece of paper, turn it over and write a list of all the people in your life you wish to spread this blessing to.



Next, fold up the piece of paper and put it under the apple with the candle in it. Let all of your small candles burn all the way down before closing your circle.



When you have reached the end of your ritual you will do a meditation in silence where you will envision everything you wrote down in your letter manifesting.                 



Because this energy is in Virgo, it would be beneficial on this day to take a hike or walk in nature before or after this ritual, or do some sort of Yoga or activity with your body.



When your candles are done burning, this symbolizes the end of the ritual. 



You always want to close your circle after performing any ritual. It is customary when closing your circle to say another prayer thanking the goddess or goddesses you worked with.

   Here is a closing prayer you can say:
 Dark Goddess,
I thank you on this night for your guidance, wisdom and blessing.
I ask that the blessings you give to me, be spread to all life on this planet. 
I now close my circle, and promise to take the wisdom you have given me and apply it to my life in this next cycle.
Blessed be, Amen


** Be sure to record any dreams you have that night ,or any way your candles burned to see what other messages may come to you.



I hope you enjoyed this ritual! Many Blessings on this Autumn Equinox and may your month be filled with plenty!


Warmest Regards,

Analisa Six


Analisa Six is an intuitive Tarot Reader,  Astrologer, and Witch who specializes in helping clients connect with their life purpose and shadow self.  Analisa lives with her Husband and 2 dogs in Oakland, CA. 
To book a reading visit cosmicladysix.com or email cosmicladysix@gmail.om


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