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Eclipse season officially begins today with a lunar eclipse at 8° of Gemini. Gemini rules communication and INFORMATION and Full Moons are when things are revealed for what they truly are.


Full Moons are always about culmination. They bring clarity, transparency, and disclosure. With an Eclipsed Full Moon in Gemini, we’re at a completion point involving messages, social events, and community connections that were seeded long ago. Think specifically back to June of 2020, when the corresponding eclipse was happening.


What do you want your focus to be on in the AGE OF AQUARIUS? Linking up with the North Node in Gemini, this eclipse will fuel that desire.


Beginning as early as last week, synchronistic messages and encounters have been making their way to you. Have you been paying attention? These signs take on a special meaning during eclipse season and they  aim to point you onto the path you’re destined to follow this lifetime!


Pay VERY close attention to what comes up today, as it's likely to become more important as we collectively continue our journey with the North Node in Gemini.


The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is a North Node eclipse and North Node eclipses are concerned with the FUTURE (while South Node eclipses are concerned with karma and the past).


When we have a North Node Eclipse, something NEW comes up and changes the trajectory of our destiny. Since this North Node Eclipse is in the sign of Gemini, that ‘thing’ that comes up is likely connected with a piece of information since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication. What is Mercury doing in your birth chart? That might be how the message is received. 


It might not be clear or comfortable immediately...but it will eventually bring much-needed clarity for your journey. Not necessarily the absence of ambiguity...but more like understanding that reality is sometimes contradictory.


Gemini is a mutable, dual sign. Gemini doesn’t have a “yes or no” type of energy like Leo or’s synonymous with duality.


Half YIN, half YANG, half Sun, half Moon. If you’re a Black and White type of person, the truth the Eclipse in Gemini will reveal, might shock you. Rather than THE truth, you might realize you've only had half of the story all along.


You can’t go wrong when you take action at a North Node eclipse. You can’t go wrong if you do things a bit differently. You can’t go wrong if you change your mind, or even your world view.


It’s ok to feel challenged, it is ok to feel out of your depth – because this is exactly what the role of the North Node is. Open your mind. Have the courage to embrace opposing ideas.


The Universe will speak to you directly, and it’s your charge to listen closely. It just may change your life. 


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