Blue Moon in Scorpio, the only way is through

Analisa Six

Posted on May 22 2019

Blue Moon in Scorpio, the only way is through


Hello Ritual Readers! It's me Cosmic Lady Six again here to talk about the Blue Moon in Scorpio that happened on Saturday at 2:11 PM PST / 5:11 EST.

We have a lot of powerful transits happening leading up to and on the day of the Blue Moon that are catalysts towards transformation within our physical and mundane lives.

The Taurus/ Scorpio polarity that is activated between the Sun and the Moon calls for us to examine our relationship to the physical world and how we relate to change.

Taurus, ruled by Venus, is focused on building value and stability in the world. Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto is focused on transformation through letting things die and be reborn like a phoenix arises from the ashes.

Taurus teaches Scorpio the benefits of life and stability, while Scorpio teaches Taurus the benefits of letting go and embracing change through transformation and loss.


The Blue Moon asks us to go inward and meditate on what we are transmuting or letting go in our lives. We may be in a period right now where we are confused about why certain things are happening to us. We may be experiencing many challenges and disruptions to our plans that cause us to face parts of our egos that are uncomfortable.

Through these experiences, we are given opportunities to evaluate the stories we tell ourselves and ask if these stories are serving us in positive ways.

As a Tarot reader, I often enjoy thinking about the astrological transits in relationship to the cards. If you read Tarot, this may help you to see the way these celestial energies bring out certain themes for all of us on the collective planes of consciousness.

Scorpio in the Tarot rules the 4, 5, and 6 of cups cards in the Tarot, while Taurus rules the 4, 5, and 6 cards of Disks/Pentacles.

We can see the story of these  6 cards as a representation of what we are walking through during this transformative Blue Moon.

In the 4, 5, and 6 of cups we walk through the following story:

On the Rider-Waite card, the 4 of Cups depicts a figure sitting below a tree and being handed a cup by a floating hand. This figure is not amused by this cup and is not sure whether they want to take it. This card in the Tarot is about evaluating the areas of our lives we are feeling unfulfilled by, lacking, bored or stagnant. It is a card where we are longing for happiness and not sure why we are feeling unfulfilled by our lives.

When we reach the 5 of Cups, we see a figure in black with their backs turned towards 3 spilled cups, and two full cups behind them. This image symbolizes us focusing on the negative parts of our lives, and possibly neglecting to view the parts that we can still have gratitude towards.  We may be focusing on all the things we are unhappy with or victimized by. It is often regarded as the card that reflects “ crying over spilled milk.” When we begin to do the inner work required to leave this place of victimization, or lack of fulfillment, we reach the 6 of cups, which is a card of going back to the past and figuring out when we began to make the choices we made, or when we experienced certain things in childhood that led us to where we are now and how we internalize our life experiences . It is here in the 6 of cups that we are finally able to begin to heal the root of where our original lacking of fulfillment may be stemming from. Our past, our childhood, or our relationship to family in some way is often tied to this card.

When we go to the polarity in Taurus, we start with the 4 of Pentacles. In the 4 of Disks/Pentacles, we feel like we want to preserve all that we have made for ourselves. We cling tightly to our comfort zones, our stability, or the money that we have created for ourselves. We also want to shut others out, and we may not have a lot of energy to give right now. This is a card of wanting to preserve our energy, and possibly hoard what we have for ourselves out of fear of losing what we have created.


When we move to the 5 of Pentacles, we may begin to wake up to the fact that we have a lot of fear around being able to provide for ourselves. We may have a difficult relationship to money, and we might still be struggling with poverty mentality whether we are actually in financial hardship or not. We tend to think from a place of “lack” rather than a place of abundance. When we begin to work on this and heal this energy, we move on into the 6 of Pentacles which is a card of successful giving and receiving. We feel that we are either worthy of receiving, or we feel in a place where we understand the vibrational frequency of giving aligns us with abundant energy that therefore creates abundance in our lives.

We can look at the stories within these 6 cards as the things that might be coming up for us now during this Blue Moon in Scorpio.

Mercury will also be in conjunction ( not exact but close) to the Sun in Taurus during this Blue Moon, making our communication around our financial and physical world a big focus. We may be asked during this time to be open to letting go of perceptions we have carried over previous years about how we obtain success in the world.  

This is a time where a lot might be changing within our physical world, our finances, our jobs, our homes, and how we view our self-worth within these subjects.  Some of us may be asked to let go of a belief system or idea we had about our self-worth. Maybe we thought too low of ourselves, or maybe we are thinking too highly of ourselves. We are being challenged right now to evaluate our relationship to our ego and how that manifests into the physical world.

Venus and Uranus will also be within a 1-degree conjunction in Taurus. Here we can think of the Empress Card meeting up with The Tower card, which I personally have already been pulling for myself a lot in the last week. This means major changes to our sense of security. Big changes are taking place within our relationship to the divine feminine earth nature and we are having to be more open to reevaluating our relationship to our health, the environment, as well as financial security.

We can also see women's rights being a huge topic of conversation, which has elements of our Venus and Uranus Conjunction in it. Venus representing the Feminine, and Uranus representing change and revolution around old perceptions or beliefs. Climate change is also a mirror for this transit, and the need for change within our environmental policies is greater than ever.

Things may feel futile, and it may be hard to see so many negative changes or events happening within our world, or our personal lives if that is the case, but it is often through struggle and hardship that we are reborn into a stronger and more powerful version of ourselves.

I advise those of you reading to use this Blue Moon in Scorpio as a time to evaluate what you cling onto for security when you are afraid. And practice a creative visualization or meditation of letting go of a need to cling onto anything, knowing that you are safe always as a spiritual being in the chaos of the cosmos.

Scorpio is here to remind us that all things die, all things end, and in every ending lies a beginning, we may just not see it yet.

Many Blessings to you all on this blessed Blue Moon!

Analisa Six

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Analisa Six is a certified intuitive Tarot Reader and an Astrologer. She lives with her husband and two dogs in Oakland, CA. You can find her on Instagram @cosmicladysix and book her services at

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