Gratitude through the Stars

What comes to mind when you think about showing “gratitude” in your life? Chances are that very different things appear for all of us, based around what we value most

You might immediately think of your family, or your partner, or your kids. Or maybe what comes to mind is your career, the money you earn from it, and the security it provides you. “Value” is defined differently by everyone, but we’re all grateful for the people, places, and things it epitomizes in our minds.

Astrology is a tool for many things, and in this case, we’re using it to help shed some light on the things we value most...and therefore where gratitude should also abound.

Your birth chart is divided into twelve different houses, and the sixth house shows what you’re dedicated to on a daily basis. This is the house of your daily life, and if you’re spending time doing it repetitively in a dedicated must be important, right?

These values can be defined as tasks as mundane as brushing your teeth, or as big as caring for an elderly family member. What’s important is that you’re spending your time doing it, and that support is symbiotic (whether you consciously realize it or not) and worthy of being shown gratitude.

By inspecting the ruler of the sixth house, and any planets that reside within it, we can gain a better understanding of what we value as proof of our repetitive actions, and therefore, what we should be showing gratitude towards this Thanksgiving week and always

Using the Whole Sign House System, you can determine the ruler of your sixth house by your rising sign. You can also book a reading with a professional astrologer for more personalized insights! We love Erin at

If you’re a Leo Rising, for example, Capricorn rules your sixth house. So in your daily life, you’re very committed to the work that you do in a traditional sense. The way you earn money, and how that impacts your greater reputation in the world, is an important part of your routine. This time of year is a moment to pause and reflect on just how far you’ve come in your career, and who you can thank for supporting you to reach those goals. 


  • ARIES RISING (sixth house ruled by Virgo): I’m thankful for the organization defining my daily life. 
  • Who helps provide the details of your daily practices? What routines, especially regarding your health, are supportive to you? Take a moment to thank the things that provide STRUCTURE.

  • TAURUS RISING (sixth house ruled by Libra): I’m thankful for the one on one partnerships supporting my daily life.
      • Who are you in partnership with that really informs your day to day life? If you’re married, this is your spouse. If you own a business, maybe it’s your business partner. Take a moment to thank the people you’re in committed, one on one partnerships with.


  • GEMINI RISING (sixth house ruled by Scorpio): I’m thankful for the phoenix-like transformations I experience in daily life.
      • What power dynamics are at play in your daily life? You likely experience strong emotions surrounding your habitual practices, and will be in a constant evolution with building and rebuilding them. Take a moment to inspect your relationship to power, and thank the support it provides you.


  • CANCER RISING (sixth house ruled by Sagittarius): I’m thankful for the role travel plays in my daily life.
      • Jupiter is the ruling planet of your sixth house, so you experience great EXPANSE in daily living! Travel is likely to play a role in your career. Who can you thank for transporting you this year...literally and figuratively?


  • LEO RISING (sixth house ruled by Capricorn): I’m thankful for being able to work hard in my daily life.
  • This time of year is a moment to pause and reflect on just how far you’ve come in your career, and who you can thank for supporting you to reach those goals. Take some time to thank your bosses, coworkers, and/or your own employees for their support.

  • VIRGO RISING (sixth house ruled by Aquarius): I’m thankful for the unique freedom that contributes to my daily life. 
      • How do you experience autonomy in your daily tasks and routines? Perhaps it’s because of the lack of routine entirely! Take a moment to express gratitude to all the unique and interesting habits, or lack thereof, that support you day in and day out.


  • LIBRA RISING (sixth house ruled by Pisces): I’m thankful for the magical, spiritual moments that infiltrate my daily life.
      • With Neptune ruling your sixth house, you’re likely to have a very mystical quality defining your daily practices. Do you meditate? Or work in a healing profession? Take some time to show gratitude towards the boundless love and transcendence that play a role in your daily experience.


  • SCORPIO RISING (sixth house ruled by Aries): I’m thankful for the competitive nature that manifests in my daily life.
      • On the want to WIN. And frankly, you usually do. Who are you competing against? How do the battles you choose to enter serve to support your growth? Give thanks to the people, places, and things that challenge you to be your best.


  • SAGITTARIUS RISING (sixth house ruled by Taurus): I’m thankful for the beauty that presents itself in my daily life.
      • Venus influences your day to day life, so it’s likely that love also plays a regular role for you. Who are you supporting? Who is supporting you? Count the things that add beauty to even the most mundane tasks. 


  • CAPRICORN RISING (sixth house ruled by Gemini): I’m thankful for the interesting conversations that are interwoven in my daily life.
      • You could work in sales, or in another career that has you communicating as a defining part of your role. Whatever you do with your time, the way you speak about it is infinitely important. Thank the people that you’re talking to, whether you agree with everything they’re saying or not, they’re your teachers.


  • AQUARIUS RISING (sixth house ruled by Cancer): I’m thankful for the emotional cycles of my daily life.
      • Aquarius people are typically quite removed from their emotions, but in daily life, there is a nurturing nature to you! You might spend time with family in some capacity, or have other close bonds that define your routines. Show gratitude for the things that regularly strike up strong emotions in your life.


  • PISCES RISING (sixth house ruled by Leo): I’m thankful for the creativity that permeates my daily life.
      • Whether it’s paid work or not, you have a creative fire in you that shows up routinely. Where does it come from? Who are your muses? Take some time to meditate on what’s being born in your life now, and give thanks for the creative process that helped it arrive.


    From everyone at the Ritual Shoppe team, we hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving and spend it with the people you love! Sending lots and lots of gratitude your way for being part of our daily lives.