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Posted on June 09 2020

Image credit: Alyssa Rosenberg
Hi all,
We wanted to reach out to you in light of current events and check-in. Our hearts are heavy in response to the turmoil that has swept across the country and it's pushed us to ask ourselves "What role do we play in this all?"
First, we want to address that we stand in alliance with the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for justice & equality for all black people who have endured centuries worth of pain & oppression in this country. The past week has given us lots of reason to reflect on what we are doing as a business to combat these issues and how we can improve our role and ensure good allyship in the future.
Second, in regards to our newly-realized responsibility we plan to pay extra attention towards amplifying black & brown voices. We have made the conscientious decision to promise a 15% increase in black vendors offered in our shop by the end of 2020. We will also be working to diversify our staff, if & when we open our brick-and-mortar store, as we understand the importance of multifarious perspectives and backgrounds in the work place.
Third, we want to confirm to any of our worried customers, that our shop did indeed get broken into during last Sunday's protest in Philadelphia. Although damages ensued, we were able salvage much of the handmade & artisan goods & are working with insurance to hopefully cover any costs.
We are incredibly grateful for the loyal customer base we have accumulated over the past 7 years & we feel we have a responsibility to use this platform effectively in the fight against racism. We thank each and every one of you for sticking with us this long & we can't wait to share our journey with you in the future. If you would like to continue this dialogue or have any thoughts or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!
Much love,
Ritual Shoppe


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