Hi, friends! Erin from TBH Magic is back again to update us on what’s going on in the stars right now. Read on to discover more about what’s happening astrologically and check out your New Moon mantra for October!

The astrology of October 2020 is as intense as any other month of this transformational year, and this week, in addition to Mercury Retrograde, we have a New Moon to add to the mix. 

We talked about the Virgo New Moon last month (you can check that out here) but as a reminder, the Moon rules our emotions. It’s how we feel through life's ups and downs. It’s our innermost self...our planetary safe haven. Luckily, it’s the Age of Aquarius and it’s becoming more and more popular to not only acknowledge what the moon is up to, but also to honor it and work with the energetics of each specific lunation.

No moon phase is just the same. When the moon is void of course, we might feel a little lost and directionless. When the moon is full, we are shining in our highest expression and hitting a culmination point. But we’re here to talk about new moons today!

The monthly new moon is a cosmic opportunity to manifest your dreams.

The sky is completely dark, which is like a blank canvas ready for a brilliant fresh perspective. It’s a time where, depending on your birth chart, you might feel especially energized by the idea of CREATION and manifesting your wildest dreams.

As always, these mantras come from a mix of astrological training AND intuition. They are backed by extensive astrological research as well as informed by a healthy dose of guidance from spirit. They are never intended to replace your own knowing, but are simply an invitation to consider and embrace if they feel right.

If you’re familiar with your birth chart, we recommend reading your rising sign mantra. Astrologer’s write horoscopes based on the rising, or ascendant sign, because it allows them to determine the houses of the chart; knowing the houses informs where the energy will be experienced in your life. If you’re not sure what your rising sign is, book a reading with Erin at TBH Magic to learn more and just read your sun sign this time! If you DO know your rising sign, we encourage you to read both and see which one feels more accurate at this time.

The New Moon in Libra greets us tomorrow afternoon (Friday, October 16th) at 3:31 pm ET and particularly for Cardinal signs, it’s an aggressive one. 


While Libra itself is known for peace and love, this Libra New Moon is forming a difficult T-Square aspect with Mars, STILL retrograde in Aries, and both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. It’s safe to say just about every astrologer is tired of talking about Capricorn by this point in 2020...but this is one of the last few major aspects to navigate before the energy starts to dissipate thanks to Aquarius. Nevertheless, this New Moon is yet another invitation for baptism by fire.


Find the house that Libra rules in your birth chart. That's where you'll feel this energy the most. You can also look to see what Venus is doing in your chart, as it's the ruler of Libra and might help counteract some of the harsher vibes of this lunation.


Cancer is another place to source strength for this intense Moon. It's the release point of the square, and evens out the intensity we’ll feel. What can you nurture to distract yourself from exploding? 


In short, this isn’t an “easy” New Moon, but what parts of 2020 have been easy? If you have relationships that need tending, try your best to operate from a place of empathy and understanding. Everything can’t be resolved overnight, but by creating space to unpack your own frustrations, balance and harmony can be restored. 


We encourage you to read the mantra for your ascendant as well as your sun sign and write down whichever speaks to you most. Put it up somewhere visible so that while the days get shorter, you can be reminded of long-term plans you've set. Above all, be easy on yourself and trust that we’re in the homestretch of this transformational year.

Ps, these mantras should challenge you. That’s the point! New Moons are for growth, not doing what we’ve already mastered. Repeat them to yourself as often as necessary for some added reassurance that YOU GOT THIS!

Aries ✧ Rather than exploding, I will consciously listen to my opposition.

Taurus ✧ Rather than sitting idle, I will write a pro-con list to actively weigh my options.

Gemini ✧ Rather than speaking aimlessly, I will create purposeful conversations.

Cancer ✧ Rather than retreating, I will find out how my family members are feeling.

Leo ✧ Rather than selfishness, I will inquire with a team-oriented approach.

Virgo ✧ Rather than comparison, I will appreciate the different values of others.

Libra ✧ Rather than aiming to please, I will honor my independent ideas. 

Scorpio ✧ Rather than obsessing over partnership, I will focus on my own dreams.

Sagittarius ✧ Rather than zooming out, I will make my unique mark on society.

Capricorn ✧ Rather than forcefulness, I will embrace an empathetic approach at work.

Aquarius ✧ Rather than discounting tradition, I will compare ingenuity with longstanding views.

Pisces ✧ Rather than pure dissociation, I will discuss details to find closure.

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