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Designed for delicate skin Comfrey and Licorice Root give relief while Lavender and Chamomile comfort the most sensitive skin.

For Sensitive Skin

Powder of: Organic Whole Milk, Yogurt, Calendula, Lavender & Chamomile, Comfrey, Licorice Root, Cilantro 

Whole Milk Powder: calming, soothing, softening Yogurt: soothes, softens, rejuvenates Calendula: reduces inflammation, calms irritation Lavender: soothing/antiseptic Chamomile: anti inflammatory,help rehydrate & refresh Comfrey: reparative/soothing Licorice Root: soothing,anti oxidant Cilantro:contains nutrients & minerals for good skin health. 

Instructions: Use twice daily. 3-4 shakes into palm of hand and sprinkle with warm water to create a creamy consistency. Gently massage into skin. To achieve maximum benefits massage minimum of 30 seconds or leave on up to 5 minutes as a treatment. 

By Wilde Gatherings