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Sumptuously touchable, this slim, mid-sized dream journal is the perfect stylish bedside accessory. Follow the guided prompts to record your dreams, and refer to the included symbolism guide as you start to interpret your nighttime visions.

Setting out to remember and understand your dreams has the potential to unlock countless possibilities. While your dreams may not inspire a work of art (like the Beatles hit Yesterday) or win you an international award (like Dr. James Watson's 1962 Nobel Prize), dream journals can open a window into your own subconscious, allowing you to better understand your inner thoughts and feelings, and your waking life in general. And bonus: it's also fun!

You can find out more about how we recommend you use our Dream Journal here.

Just as pretty on the outside as it is inside, this sumptuous journal features a crushed velvet cover with 70s-inspired typography in metallic gold foil. 


  • Lined and blank space for recording dreams in detail
  • Dream interpretation prompts 
  • Curated symbolism guide with common dream meanings to help you get started 
  • Enough pages to collect 60 dreams
  • 5.75” x 8.25”
  • Crushed velvet cover
  • Metallic gold foil
  • Satin ribbon bookmark to know where you left off
  • 144 lined pages