$ 26.00



We love handkerchiefs as you can wear them any season. These 100% cotton handkerchiefs are also great for summer. Inspired by vintage tropical prints, Supra Endura wanted to create this warmed-hued neck scarf to remind you of summer, no matter the time of year.

This handkerchief is the perfect accessory. Also with being very stylish it is also 100% machine washable. Designer and Founder Gabrielle Mandel, loves to wear these around her neck but also delights in using them to blow her nose or wipe her face on a hot day.

At Supra Endura, for every product we sell $ 1 goes back to a cause we care about. When you purchase this handkerchief $ 1 will go back to Cool Effect.

100% cotton

Original artwork by Artist Gabrielle Mandel

20” x 20” square

Machine wash cool, tumble dry