$ 48.00




  • Focus your intent with this candle for self love and acceptance
  • Scented with 100% essential oils; hand blended to amplify the intention of the candle
  • Bergamot uplifts and helps to realise that you’re in the right place, at the right time, rose encourages balance, inner peace and trust
  • Made with 100% vegan soy + coconut wax
  • Digitally printed and hand poured in Australia
  • 450gm/15oz. Approx 120hrs burn time
  • includes intention setting, writing prompts and affirmations guide


Get high on yourself baby, because I love you… forever.” – Nina Hagen. This candle represents LOVE true and foretold –  for yourself.

Inspired by Nina Hagen, Germany’s operatic punk rock priestess. From Kabarett to masturbating on TV in 1979, Nina broke through barriers in regards to female pleasure, self acceptance and self expression. In Prima Nina in Ekstasy, she sings, “I love myself and I know who I am”. Self acceptance, she showed us, is a radical act.

Stylistically, Nina was a shape-shifter, dressing up and taking on various personas in her performances. She’s remembered for her commitment to her personal aesthetic: playing with gender roles and different characters. Nina knew who she was despite looking like a different human every time you saw her. Experimenting with identity bolstered her idea of self.

Nina teaches us to be curious. Try things out, play and embrace your individuality. From here you can act from a place of integrity, and when you do your relationship with everything shifts to align as well.

Light this candle to fall in love with you.