$ 980.00



"The entire family happily gathers to celebrate Christmas Eve. As the gifts are handed out to the children, the mysterious Doctor Drosselmeyer offers a beautiful nutcracker to his niece, Clara. During the night, while the young girl lies sound asleep next to her toy, mice and rats invade the room and battle an army of toy soldiers. Clara’s nutcracker transforms into a handsome prince and leads her into an enchanting, fairy-tale world."

– Les Grands Ballets

Inspired by a most captivating lifetime classic, Clara's Dream features an epic opal amongst a twirling phantasm of pearls and diamonds. The array of colors from the natural opal at the center, meant to evoke the dream of Clara's fairy-tale world, also symbolizes her dreams coming true through her bravery and pure heart. A dreamlike piece for those who's eyes are always cast up to the sky.

  • 14k gold
  • 4mm opal
  • 2 pearls and 4 sparkling diamonds
  • Size 6

Made by hand in Montreal by Sofia Zakia.