$ 33.00


Join us on Sunday, September 19th for an in-person experience at the Ritual Shoppe Studio, located in Rittenhouse. We will be celebrating the energy of the Full Moon with a sound bath, meditation, and ritual led by Coyote Wild.


About The Workshop

This full moon ritual will be a 90-minute long in-person experience, debuting Coyote Wild's newest scent, inspired by the smells of the Sedona desert after the rain. 
The event will entail breath work, a writing prompted exercise, and a 30-40 minute long meditation with aromatherapy during the sound bath. The meditation will focus on gratitude and taking inventory of our lives and releasing what is not aligning.


About Coyote Wild

Coyote Wild grew up in the Sonoran Desert, feeling a powerful connection to the diverse assortment of plants, animals, and stars that are incredibly vivid in the night sky. She was inspired to spend more time in the desert, meditating and researching the healing properties of plants or the myths and legends of the different animals that live there. Because of this, she believes all answers are found in nature and through storytelling. When we pay close enough attention, the patterns and archetypes that repeat themselves throughout existence guide us on our journeys to enlightenment.

 Growing up in the desert, she experienced her spiritual awakening at a very young age and cultivated the gifts of clairaudience, alchemy, and discernment. Being driven by music, science, and the natural world, these gifts have greatly influenced her creative process through the realm of energy and sound. She considers herself to be an Afro-futuristic medicine woman who transcends all cultures and directions of time. She lives in the realm between music and science, creating sound-based art installations, perfume oils and meditation ceremonies to transform energy and expand the minds of her community.


*This event will be 90 minutes long. Masks will be required for attendance. Please bring something soft to sit on, such as a blanket or yoga mat, and a pen and paper for journaling.

Please note this purchase is non-refundable.