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This scent is a complex blend of fresh breeze, lemon, lime, cyclamen, and water lily; sitting on base notes of soft woods, sweet amber, and sheer musk.

Composition: 100% soy wax and raw concrete


Stories Home Candles was established in 2017 from my desire to fill a void for creating a candle that can be a statement piece in a space while being sustainable, all natural and bring a little light in someone’s life. Inspired by Earths natural textures of rock, the design of my candles incorporate raw concrete as the base of the candle and soy wax as the choice of wax, with intention to use all-natural plant-based materials for a better quality of life. Stories Home Candles is not your average candle company.

We strive to pay homage to our island of Puerto Rico intended within our brand while constantly looking forward and being innovative within our industry. Our candles are the epitome of a muse. To me, to light a candle is one of the most beautiful ways to feel comfort, quiet the mind, and enjoy meditation indulging in your passions and self-discovery. Our candles always effortlessly accessorize a space and make every moment matter by telling a story in your style. Each candle is designed differently to play a symbolic role in the person’s life—Stories Home Candles influence from different cultures and moments in history is reflected in its design down to the fragrances and the naming of the candles. 

Stories Home Candles has an affinity for design, art, beauty, and more importantly, serving a bigger purpose.