Inspired by the Vinyl Toy titled Munny created by Kid Robot, TEA decided it was too good of a play on words to pass up creating these Munny Clips.  Often people purchase blank Munny vinyl toys and either paint them or have them painted.  This is one part of the reason we wanted to offer these to be engravable.  

Each Money Clip is available as a 'Blank' Munny for $900 and if you want to up the ante and customize the Munny,  buy this base clip for $900 and send me an email to chat about the engraving.  You can expect a starting price around $1500 for a fully engraved piece like Louis Vuitton World Currency piece (look back at the photos to see).  More simple engravings like a single word or name could be as low as $100 extra.  

The Cannabis theme comes from our adoration and appreciation of the cannabis plant.  To us here at TEA, its much more than a recreational drug.  The benefits of the plant and effects it is having and will have on industries across the board is uncanny.  This is just another small way of us to pay homage to the plant that has lifted us up in so many ways.  It's a movement and we are just along for the ride.