$ 50.00



Alison Ormsby will be offering two 30 minute astrology mini readings and two 1 hour long natal chart readings via Zoom

1/2 hour reading:
Your Timing - A conversation about where your chart is intersecting your life at the moment, and how to use planetary energies to inform your current endeavors.

No Birth Time - An astrology reading for those who want to learn about their chart but do not have an accurate birth time available. As long as you have the date and location, we'll dive into your sun and moon sign, as well as other personal planets, and tools we can draw from your placements in order to empower you into more easeful self expression.

Hour reading:
First Time Chart Reading - For anyone who has never experienced a reading of their chart, and wants to know the basics of how their planetary placements inform their lives! We'll cover your sun, moon, rising sign, and different aspects (aka how planets talk to one another). You'll leave our session with an audio recording, journal prompts, and a greater understanding of your sky map.

Deep Dive - For anyone who has had an initial reading and wants to know more of the nitty gritty. We'll go into the houses, timing, and a deeper understanding of your chart in any way that feels useful to you. You'll leave our session with an audio recording, journal prompts, and a greater understanding of your sky map.

Alison aims to holistically apply astrology for greater self-inquiry.  She uses your specific birth chart as a map to ask questions which further specify and validate your experience, as well as provide practical tools for working with your chart in day-to-day life. She does not use this tool as a method for future prediction, rather as an opportunity for understanding, reflection, and empowerment. Readings are meant to reconnect you with yourself and your needs, find new ways to be seen, as well as provide helpful new insights by understanding your current astrological transits. By learning our gifts and challenges, we can know ourselves more deeply, and provide context to lessons we face. Through knowing and accepting oneself, Alison believes we can more effectively love ourselves and others. 

Book your time slot above and please arrive to the virtual reading on time. Once you have booked your time, please fill out this FORM for Alison to pull up your chart for your reading.

You may request a recording of your reading from Alison and a picture of your chart.

Please note this purchase is non-refundable.