Lip balm infused with herbs that help heal the skin, reduce inflammation, and increase collagen production.

Also includes flower essences that ground and protect the spirit body by which it creates a sense of calm & intuitive clarity.

Made with beeswax gathered sustainably in Lebanon, TN. 

$3 of each stick sold goes toward making more bee homes and providing sustainable beekeeping education to local beekeepers in the Nashville area.

Ingredients include:
- Sustainable small batch beeswax
- Olive oil infused with herbs
(calendula, gotu kola, comfrey leaf, rosemary, Oregon grape root, plantain, and horsetail),
- Flower essence blend
(clematis, blackberry, peony, Albuquerque crab apple, datura, and skullcap)

The packaging is 100% compostable or recyclable. Bury it in your yard when you’re finished! It’s 100% paper.


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