$ 50.00

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Amber Astronauta will be doing 30 minute virtual astrology readings via Zoom. 

Amber is an intuitive energy worker, astrologist, and tarot reader. Amber will pull up your birth chart using your birth date + time + location (if possible, please acquire this information before your session). From there, you'll talk through the placements of the planets, their relationships to each other, and how the unique energies available to you can influence your life.

Come with questions or wait and see what the stars have to say! If you do not have your exact birth time, we can work with your closest guess to get an estimated chart.

 Book your time slot above and please arrive on time. 

Please note this purchase is non-refundable.



“I signed up for the Astrology Reading as a gift to myself for my birthday and the start of my Year of Radical Self Acceptance. Amber was very warm and welcoming and thoroughly explained my birth chart (I asked for a general reading). She helped give me a new level of understanding of how my unique energies have and can influence my life which led to a new level of acceptance and possibility in my life.” -Lucia 

“My Astrology reading with Amber was so insightful and fun.  She was great at explaining the basics of Astrology while diving deeper into the things that I wanted to know more about.  She is both knowledgeable and caring, making her readings feel really special. I also loved the cute space where the reading was held upstairs at Ritual!” -Emily