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Blossomy extracts & oils of Calendula, Borage, Chamomile & Sunflower melt onto skin in this multi-use balm that revitalizes glow. The ultimate balm for skinimalists, Blossom Balm is a multi-faceted formula to soften, soothe and repair skin.

Ideal for sensitive & dry skin types, Blossom Balm can be used a moisturizer, solid oil cleanser, facial mask and reparative spot treatment.

  • to moisturize: apply a pea size amount to clean damp skin
  • to cleanse: massage into face & neck, focusing on areas of congestion. remove with a clean, warm wet wash cloth
  • to mask: apply a semi-thick layer to skin, let sit for 5-10 minutes depending on dryness of skin. remove with a clean warm wash cloth
  • as a spot treatment: massage liberally into affected area. for best results, apply daily fresh out of the shower to clean wet skin.


Calendula- a softening reparative herb that soothes skin, supports lymphatic system and balances skin's complexion for a more refined glow.

Chamomile- calms and soothes skin while providing you with much needed antioxidants for a fortified biome

Borage Oil- deeply emollient, restores skin's moisture and promotes elasticity. with a high count of gamma-linolenic acid, this omega rich oil swiftly softens even the roughest skin 

INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Oil*, Borage Oil*, Calendula*, Tocopherol, Chamomile*, Local Beeswax.