💫A cleansing kit for a quick refresh. Detoxing in any aspect of your life. 💫

The kit contains: 

* Blue sage

* Ritual matches 

* Ivory candle 

Abalone Shell 

* Silver ceramic candle holder

Blue sage: also known as "Grandmother sage", is a close relative to white sage. It is a hearty bush found across the US, characteristically known for its bright blue flowers. It is fragrant and herbaceous, with clearing + healing properties similar to white sage, but more prolific in its growth.

Ivory candle: similar in meaning to white, but with a tinge of earthy brown. Ivory is good for Full Moon workings, initiations, or any time you want an alternative to bright white.  Because it corresponds to precious things like ivory, pearl, and cream, this color is also used to attract luxury and abundance.

Abalone Shell: Gorgeous gifts from Mother Earth's ocean that can be used in clearing rituals to catch the hot cinders that fall away from smoke sticks.